[Reset] For 1.5 Update?

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Do you want to reset the wild and the nether for 1.5?

Yes 21 vote(s) 30.4%
Not that nessescary, but ok... 6 vote(s) 8.7%
I hate Nether Quartz... no... 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Absolutely No. 42 vote(s) 60.9%
  1. Hi EMC, I've been keeping up with the new snapshots for Minecraft, and when the introduction of Nether Quartz came out, I said cool! But later I realized (Because NetherQuartz naturally gen in the Nether) I might find some in Singleplayer, but probably not in Emc, due to the thrashed Nether, so I'm just creating this thread just in case any of you guys out there like me who would WANT to reset the Nether could post your vote, and hopefully, the moderators and admins could see it and reset it for us :) If you don't want it to reset, fine, just don't post anything awful, because, come on, it's a game, guys. -_-

    EDIT: Oh yeah just in case, this is for the Wild and the Nether you guys, not Town, ok?
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  2. I am pretty sure there was already an unofficial vote for this. Majority of players voted no because of all the grinders and bases they have in the nether. Although it isn't an official no to it. It will most likely not happen.
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  3. IMO just the nether, but not the wild.
  4. Ok, well, thx for not saying stuff like OMFG GTFO THE INTERNET BRO!! or stuff like that :)
  5. No.
    And I will tell you for why.

    -There are far too many player created structures, like the wild, to warrant a reset.

    -Should you go to the nether in the snapshots, you will find that the Quartz Ore is EVERYWHERE, even more common than coal I'll bet. So longs as you generate new chunks, there will be loads.

    -Also they didn't reset for Emeralds, so they wont for this.
  6. JustinGuy and Aikar are both working on a work around for wild and nether resets. Nothing that is currently there, will be reset. But you will still have happy access to all the new future features of MC.
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  7. Really? :l
  8. wow lol, if some people actually thought that...
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  9. Im sorry, i had to say it cause of what you said:p Nothing mean was intended, just a joke:p
  10. I remember with the last flood of reset threads, there were a lot of people who though that -_-
  11. The last big wild update was some time ago, it caused a lot of upset for ppl who had built in the wild. Since then more ppl have settled out there and build grinders etc, so a more thoughtful approach was considered.
    This is to reset only some area's of the wild, mainly around the outpost's so as long as you do not build anything you really want to keep in that area you should be fine.

    Until this is implemented you can use the bedrock bridges to the wild to get out past the derelict area's, as far as I know mobs do not spawn on bedrock.
  12. Haha, imagine when the Dragon egg update happens and people claim land, only to have it reset. Best way to ruin the econmy ;)
  13. Nah Aikar has better idea's to do that :D
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  14. Well, that idea might be Aikar's :p
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  15. The wild shouldn't be reset because a lot of people have made their bases in the wild that might have taken a long time for the members to make, and is the primary source of all the resources. The wild is also filled with the grinders, chests, etc. The nether, although it isn't used as much as the wild, should not be reset too for the same reasons. For the new nether ore being added, it could might simply be coded to spawn in already existing nether regions(not sure).
  16. No. not at all.
  17. Out of curiosity, would it involve the same mechanics that allow dragon-tomb portals to spawn?
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  18. I, personally, like the idea of everyone working on one wild and making it a place that everyone knows. Alot of people have awesome builds in the wild that im sure they'd hate to have to rebuild. Lastly i think that nether quarts might feel a bit motre rewarding to get if people have to work for it. Just mty opinion.
  19. yes this ^^
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  20. Aikar is already working on a few programs to reset the wild in certian areas, you know when u look on the live map and u see that yellow square around the spawn, inside there will reset. they want it to reset every day so it looks good for the new players.
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