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  1. So, I have a BUNCH of alts, and I'm thinking that I would help people out a bit! I will reserve people some residences until they either get another MC account or a supporter voucher! This will cost 5k per fortnight, but if the residence you want is derelict, I will require and extra 5k for the first payment.

    Alts available at this time: 2

    Hope I can help some people out! -Zelock


    I am not responsible for anything which happens on this residence. I admin you at the time of purchase, and you will be responsible if your residence gets griefed because you added some dodgy bloke to your residence.
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  2. I want 2 reserved please, lemme just get the numbers :D
    11621 and 11620
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  3. I actually may be interested in this, I have a few questions:
    1. Besides the initial 5k, how often do we pay you to keep the residence reserved, and how much?
    2. Would you consider being paid to watch a residence and snatch it, and then hold onto it for a small amount of time?
    3. Why only 5k? This is a great deal. ;)
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  4. 1. You pay 5k each fortnight, but after a while, I may increase the price to stop you hogging that alt :p
    2. If you see a residence which is derelict, ask me and I'll claim it, I won't watch it for you xD
    3. Because I want to help :D
  5. Okay, I see. I may use this in the future.. but that's too bad you don't watch residences, I was going to offer 250k :oops:
  6. Oh, definitely then :p
  7. The actions described are disallowed. Selling res permissions to a lot is not permitted. Closing thread.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.