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  1. So, I recently forked out over 200k to get gold membership for the sole reason of getting another res. The res in question is owned by one of those people who join, claim a res, are not satisfied and leave, hence the First sign in 3 days 18 hours ago, last seen 3 days 18 hours ago. The res will go derelict tomorrow although I'll be at work at the time and I fear somebody else will take it which isn't really fair since I waited long and hard for it. So my question is this, is there a way to reserve it for when it goes derelict? or even better if an admin can make it go derelict now since he's obviously not coming back.
  2. Reserving or asking for admins to forceclaim before the derelict timer ends are not options. Your only option is to wait until the res goes derelict and then proceed to forceclaim it when you are next available - sorry, but this is the only way. If it's not a spawn res or a res with a very appealing number then it will likely be available for you to forcelaim when you get back anyway :)
  3. alright, thanks
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  4. It's done. hip hip hurrah
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  5. Glad you got the res that you wanted :)
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