Rescue Mission Needed!

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  1. Help, somebody!

    My friend auggie235 and I were mining in the Wastelands of SMP1 yesterday. When we returned to the surface for some wood, we saw one of those giant dudes, the bosses. (Momentus, right?) Being the goofball she is, my friend threw a snowball at it, and she got teleported to the giant and it spawned in some Enraged Zombies and started attacking her. She did manage to log out - but with only one heart remaining. I'd take him out, but I'm holed up in a little shack on the top of a nearby mountain with some iron armor and a nearly-broken sword. If someone could come and slay him, by yourself or in a party, that would be such a huge help! If you take a screenshot of him with our little hut in the background (as proof that YOU slayed THIS monster), I will be offering a 2,500 rupee reward (sorry, I'm not exactly rich). Please come as soon as possible so we can continue mining!

    Location: x = 3200, z = 175. Closest outpost is Wasteland East.

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  2. On my way. I don't have anything to lose anyway because I got full voters armor.

    And if I can help you guys out... for sure.

    Edit: I refuse to take any reward, any possible drops I'll get will be more than worth it.
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  3. We have a bed...and a sword...and a mouse...
  4. Don't you guys have school? XD
    I'm multi tasking in English atm :3
  5. Momentus spotted. Unfortunately I forgot my bed, so I'm hunting some sheep now.
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  6. goats are better
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  7. n00b!

    on my way 2 ^.^
  8. Nub*
  9. Momentus has fallen!

    Ha, ha, this was awesome. Not just the fight but the whole stuff around it too. So Aya tells me she was on her way with a bed and suddenly starts: "Can I bring a friend?". I figured we might need to make some agreements on loot drops but as it turns out she was talking about Marlix.

    So just so you guys know: there's also a Marlix flying around somewhere east of the Eastern waste outpost. But... Momentus..

    That should be your Momentus ;) Fortunately for me I got a little help and it took us little time to prepare and set everything up, including the bed:

    Oh, can't see the bed, oh well... So we started the fight, died a lot (TONS of guardians) and it was brutal indeed!

    This was total chaos, but really fun to do!

    Alas, after a long brutal battle with lots of death, Aya trying to get her lance (sword) back and failing and me just slashing away at anything I saw the moment I respawned (the power of the voter: when I respawn I got full armor and all my tools, including my sword ;)) we succeeded!

    The beast is no more!

    Like I said above: a reward is not needed. Heck, if we wanted to we could sell off the dragon fragments and make an easy... I dunno, 4k? But that's not what this was about anyway. This was FUN!

    Small victory pose /with/ coordinates so that you can be sure that Momentus is gone ;)

    But just so you know: do keep in mind that there's a Marlix roaming around near the outpost. It won't just attack you unless you're on difficulty 7 (or higher) so you should be good. Might want to hold of the snowballs ;-)

    RIGHT... We're holed up in a hole while I write this. Might nab some coal and then we're heading back.
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  10. Woah... I can't believe it! Momentus is really gone! My friend and I can return to spelunking safe and sound thanks to you and Aya.

    If you won't accept the reward, that's fine. However, I must give you a token of my gratitude SOMEHOW. Check my residence on SMP1 for an access chest with your names on it at this time tomorrow. Don't worry, I'll mail you guys each a reminder.

    Thanks again you two! You've helped me, and if there's some way I can help you in the future I'll do it. You guys are the greatest!

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  11. haha good job you mob slayers!
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