Res Tag Vouchers and Res Loc Vouchers

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  1. Hey, EMC! I think that Res Tag Vouchers and Res Loc Vouchers would come in handy for a lot of EMC members. If you own a mega mall, you usually add the 'shop' and 'mall' tags to your residence. However, if your mall has a name, you might want to add the name of your mall (or an acronym for your mall) in another res tag. The only problem with this is that the res tag limit for a normal player is only two. With a Res Tag Voucher, you would then be able to extend your res tag limit to 3, 4, etc. Normal players are also only allowed to have one named location on their residence besides their res spawn location. With a Res Loc Voucher, you would be able to add an extra location to your res.

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  2. So, those would cost real money? Then you would probably be better off just buying diamond supportership. If they are like vault and stable vouchers and would be available through voting, it would be good.
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  3. I don't know. This would be just something cool dropped at one of Aikar's DP's or something. If it costed real money then you are indeed better off buying diamond supporter. Maybe this can be a voting reward? ;)
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  4. Yes. I was thinking that they would be a voting reward, or something you would have to buy with rupees. Definitely not something you would buy with real money.
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  5. Ole McEmire had a voucher, whoopee, whoopee, whoopee! And on that voucher there was a trend, oh gawd, oh gawd, oh gawd! Here a voucher, there a voucher, everywhere a voucher!

    No but really we have a voucher for like everything just have like /res tag purchase for 3k or something.
  6. While It could be cool, the system isn't currently designed to have separate caps per user, as its purely rank based. So would have to change the system design some to even support it, which wont have time for that for a while.