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  1. Hey guys.
    I was thinking and I decided it might be fun to review some random person's res.
    If you want yours reviewed please post the res # and also the server it's on. I will also review shops so send them in to! If you have a parlour I would love to see it. Be sure to post like and reply!
    Please note:
    my sirvices are free and yes you are more than welcome to donate but if I miss your res please thell me on my profile page not this forum. :)
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  2. 11239 on smp5 please.
  3. 8478 on SMP4 C:
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  4. Looking right now!:)
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  5. Really nice res. I like the way that you've made it with snow and nether brick. Very nice garden and once you get that egg it will ba amazing.
    This one is worth checking out.
  6. 408 smp1
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  7. Awesome res.
    Really nice interior and exterior. This is a must see.
    Lots of thought has gone into this res. The shop is small but well priced. well laid out and easy to navigate!
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  8. Nice work.
    Very creative.
    over all though in all it's class I think its an 7/10
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  9. Thanks for all of the cool reses you've been sending me.
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  10. You should check out mine, 8233 :) (bailib did my bedroom) :)
    smp4 btw
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  11. WOW! The shop sells great prices. The outside is amazing. the fountain and just the overall layout it AWESOME!.
    The vines are a nice touch also. The paths outside the house are beautiful. Nice fireplace as you walk in very good job. Good kitchen room with the water and vine walls. The dining room is simple but clean. Bar sells potions. my best bit is the upstairs garden. Only tip add some stuff upstairs. This res will put a smile on your house!
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  12. Come visit the whale at 6129 on SMP3 its the whale house
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  13. This is an epic res. with an underground farm mostly automated. the 88 coble spawner that spawns INFINITE coble is very clever. When you go to the first floor you are greeted by two MASSIVE t.v.s and lounge sweets. there is a pool table, a complete kitchen and a dinning table. on the top floor there is a mini roller-coaster. The big windows are just the finishing touch for me. A fancy bed and a bookshelf make up a bedroom area. On the roof is a 3D whale made of wool. There is stairs to the top of it. one you are at the top you can jump off into a pool. Did I mention the pool is GLASSBOTTOMED!. From the outside it is a modern 2 story house. 9/10 Cheak this one out!
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  14. The house is great!
  15. hey check out 7384 on smp3
  16. This res is something. with 2 hidden rooms and an underground wool art museum this has to be somewhere in the top 5 on smp3. The second floor like an observation floor for the first. the stairs up end in a wall of paintings. It is well lit and very nice. The third floor has big windows and fence around some holes. Up the ladders is the biggist surprise a PETTINGZOO! Complete with moshromes.
    The top floor is epic the view was amazing. The best view is out to mc_crumpets res.
    Great res worth looking at.
    One thing though it is a wee bit uniform.
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  17. Hope everyone has liked my reviews so far. If this is not the case please tell me why
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  18. Smp5 10181,10241, 10240. M&D compound
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  19. 14275 smp7. I suggest to use summerfield 32x texture pack to view my residence.
  20. I'm enjoying your reviews. Thank you for taking the time to do this. I've had some great visits. Almost like going on mini holidays :p