Res Reverting

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  1. This is a simple idea which is okay if its not added. I eggified my prized villager due to being tired and having a stick in hand. Well Needless to say i would like to suggest another usage for tokens, Say is costs 5,000 or 10,000 tokens to do a res revert.

    As well I would like to request that Eggify, when set to false for my username specifically, would in fact prevent me from eggifying. I tend to eggify my villagers on accident.
  2. Perhaps to prevent accidental eggification there should be a setting is /ps that you can set a reminder type thing to check if you want to eggify the villager/animal/mob.
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  3. Interesting idea but sticks do not have much use as tools or building blocks so you can easily switch the item in your hand :)
  4. All i know is i lost a 1 emerald = 4 xp bottles type of villager, now with 1.8 ill only be able to get a 3-11 emeralds = 1 xp bottle.
  5. What would a res revert do? If it is, what I think you are suggesting, that answer would be never.
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  6. I think you are thinking what he was thinking and its basically a "restore windows" button for your res. no way could the server back up the whole server on a set schedule. If what I think you are thinking he is thinking is actually where all the thinking is directed.

    That REALLY sucks tyler :(

    I love toto's idea though! I too have egged far too many villagers/horses and even some of the more useless mobs more times than I care to count.

    Edit: started thinking about ways of doing the res "restore point" thing simply because you said never and I thought never and thought well... that sounds like a challenge. Then again I would have no idea where to even start so... what was I doing? ah, shelling.
  7. It's not that that it is impossible. But how would we distinguish a scamming player who wants to get back all of the valuables he just sold a couple hours ago? So he just presses the reset button, and instant item duplication.
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  8. I do not think items should be reverted but villagers and structures should be. If you can distinguish that. as far as a scammer goes, when they're reported for scamming disable that revert. I can kind of foresee what chickeneer is talking about. I was thinking even a simple revert/undo option for the last 5 minutes (Probably unlikely for emc to do)

    P.S. While it does suck that i lost my villager, emcification to villagers would be nice. Their trades are all static now with no variables besides the cost and the amount you get in return. Before it was kind of a random thing. Would like to see something done to mimic the old villager system but only minorly.