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  1. So basically on EMP6 i went way out into the wilderness (6,000+ blocks away) to make a home with a friend, but it automatically gave me a residence in the town in that server as well, but i want a residence in SMP8. My problem is that i would have to run all the way to the town, wherever that is and unclaim then TRY and find my home again. If i could get an admin to just unclaim the res for me that would be much appreciated.
  2. theres a command you can type from anywhere to unclaim it its something like /res (number) unclaim
  3. Not working :/

    I've been looking through the commands and there is no such thing, that's displayed anyway.
  4. Try /res unclaim NUMBER

    There definitely is a command to do it, its just not advertised.
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  5. This time it says i have to be standing in it :/
  6. your thinking of flags, /res pset NUMBER NAME FLAG T/F, i use that all the time while in the wild,
  7. are you on the server your res is located on? if not go on the server, type /home to make sure its there, and /res unclaim NUMBER,
  8. I have to be in a town to use /home and it tells me it's on smp6
  9. Certain residence commands do require you to be on the residence to run the command.
    Senior staff should be able to help you. If you could send them/us a message. I am currently away from my computer, but could someone grab the link?
  10. i remember there being a command for this :/ someone did it while at my wildbase. go to smp6 and try different combinations of /res unclaim (number), /res (number) unclaim and that sort of thing

    most people dont even know you can give flags while not standing on your res
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  11. i have been trying and it keeps saying i have to be in res, i am certainly on the same server as my unwanted residence and i am too far away to walk to it.
  12. Assume you mean: ?
  13. Write the coords of your wilderness house then do it.
  14. The res has been unclaimed.
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