Res Command Perm Suggestion

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  1. I was asked to move my requests to suggestion thread - and I didn't want to bump the other similar threads on this suggestion, so here is my version (Also if you want to check out my Group Chat thread please visit: Here )

    • Res Command Perm
      • Owner of a res's perms can only be changed by the owner, senior staff, or admin; but people that the res owner give command perms to can give or take away other people's use, move, breed, or bucket perms (excluding the res owner's).
      • (Idk if this is accurate, but i tried):
        • Default: /res set command access = false [This Can't Be Changed]
        • /res set (res owner) command access = true
        • If /res pset %player command = true
        • Then %player = Value 0 + (Numerical Order)
        • If %player = Value 0 + (Numerical Order)
        • Then %player != Value 0
        • If /res pset %player command = false
        • Then %player = Value 0
        • If %player = Value 1 +
        • Then %player /res command access = /res command use, /res command move, /res command breed, /res command bucket
        • Else /res command access = Default
        • If %player /res command access = true
        • Then %player command to %owner access = null
      • (Not sure if that's totally accurate, I know there is still the folders, and directories, and etc. - but if this one is considered - hope that helps)
    p.s) I Just copied this from my conversation - I actually am taking visual basic - and can rewrite this so it can actually work sometime
    (If anyone has any questions, please comment below :D )