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  1. I was asked to move my requests to suggestion thread - and I didn't want to bump the other similar threads on this suggestion, so here is my version (Also if you want to check out my Res Command Perm thread please visit: Here )

    • Group Chat
      • Like how a player can type /tell %player and it will start a private conversation with them ... the group chat is basically like /tell ... except If i'm talking to %player 1 ... i can type /add %player2 ... and it will start a group convo and i can keep typing /add and it will add more people to the private chat (maybe have a number of players limit) ...
      • Or if someone else is in a group chat i can type /join to add myself to the group chat for a public chat ... or if it's a private group you'd have to type /invite %player and it sends them a request to the convo... or if you receive a request type /join .... same with other way around, if you want to leave the convo type /leave
      • Here's a tree-branch style to better organize what I mean (I'll use eklektoi, wcg_elite (my alt acc) and bob as example names:
        • /chat info wcg_elite
          • (it shows what chat wcg is in ... or if he in a group chat or not ... if he is in group it will say if it's private or not)
            • /join wcg_elite
              • (join's his convo ... or if it's private i have to wait until i get a request)
        • (If in a convo ... if it's started by just /tell and (/add)ing players - it becomes a /public group chat
          • Everyone can freely /join and /leave
        • (If convo is started by /start private convo)
          • You are the convo leader and are giving these commands:
            • /kick (bob)
              • It removes a player from your conversation.
            • /invite (eklektoi)
              • This sends a player a group request.
            • /stop private convo
              • This ends the conversation all together.
            • /promote (wcg_elite)
              • If you have a lot of players in your chat and don't want to end it but have to leave ... you can promote a player to become group owner.
      • I know This sounded a bit like role playing or facebook styled chat ... but I thought it might be cool to be able to /tell multiple people at same time so we don't have to keep switching back and forth typing players names constantly.
    p.s) I Just copied this from my conversation - I actually am taking visual basic - and can rewrite this so it can actually work sometime
    (If anyone has any questions, please comment below :D )
  2. I don't think I like this, I think it takes away from the whole point of PMs.
    Also, if we had this, nobody would talk in town chat anymore lol
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  4. It doesn't say anything about adding the feature to emc on that thread, I was just trying to add this thread because that wasn't talked about in over 6 months ... Plus there are more things needed to make it feasible -

    imagine you start a group chat and invite people and then you just switch channels, if you don't have the ability to /group leave ... then you would essentially still receive messages from people in the group chat while you are in, for instance, town chat.