Requesting Admin Help!

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  1. Joshposh and I have discovered something very fishy. We are literally watching (josh posh has it recorded) blocks being mined up at the Community Grinder in Utopia. There is no one doing it though. You can see the blocks being "mined" then it dropping the block on the ground, so it isn't just disappearing. If anyone can help please go to Utopia, just South of the wild spawn!
  2. Hax. The hackers are smart enough to do /map hide or something like that.
    TIP: Press tab, and then do /p (playername) for all the players connected (must not be much) if there are some at wilderness, they are the top suspects. All you can do for now it's wait for a senior mod+, but take note of what i'm saying to you in order to report those names.
  3. I just did what i told you to: Only player (but you and Joshposh) at wilderness of Utopia right now it's :Jmblade (who just disconected) are blocks still breaking?

  4. Block getting torn. By "no one"..
  5. I tried pressing tab. It showed me and two other people . those to people were using the grinder. and then i did /ch who and it showd the same. the person has invisible on, or its some insane bug.
  6. As i asked, are blocks still breaking? if no, the name up at my second post would be like n°1 suspect.
    Also, aikar is over wilderness, maybe he's doing remodelation? :p
  7. Who was those two other people? joshposh and who?
  8. he's seeing that no one there is doing it too. he's just as baffled as i am.
  9. The only possible explanation is, Creepers blew up, but its SUPER laggy, or, somoone has hacks, OR the 100% unlikely answer, is its a vanished admin/Sr mod D:
  10. not a creeper. it was happening RIGHT next to aikar.

    just single holes.
  11. This doesnt seem logical. Did you place the blocks back? They may be lag dropping :/
  12. i'm not lagging at all. I placed them back. stepped back, then about 4 minutes later, getting mined up.
  13. This seems unreal, Unless Jeremy or Justin or a Sr Mod is trolling, This is unexplainable...
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  14. We even thought it was JustinGuy or JEREMY playing a prank on us. We honestly had no explanation for it. I saw it right in front of me and I questioned myself multiple times on how that was even possible
  15. Thats it, Somebody has some invisible hack, or a free cam. I thought these were removed, and patched. This is the only logical thing....
  16. It does seem logical:
    Some possible hypothesis:
    -Hax. Most hackers don't show their sourcedode/creations, maybe we don't know how awesome (and bad at same time) are this new haxx maybe [Url Link Removed. Please don't link to hack sites.] or something of sort.
    (there is also a hack in which you can both reach far blocks and also no-swing your arms, or free-cam)
    -Just a bukkit glitch
    -Sr. Staff making it better/prank on aikar?
  17. Thi seems very fishy and different... Have you PM'ed a Mod/admin?
  18. we had Aikar help us. he had no idea what was doing it.
  19. Ok... I have heard of something sort of like this... I'll have to search some more though.
  20. W8, he tried what i told you guys? maybe he could have /tp to all connected players at EMC UTOPIA and whoever tp's him straight to the place, would be the hacker :p