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  1. Ever been in the situation where you need a staff member but can't find one? I've been in this situation and I know a load of other people have. I feel that it'd be a good addition to the server commands if we could do something along the lines of "/requeststaff" with a short description of what we need. This could go into where reports are handled and shown to staff in game like **Request 55** QuarterStop is requesting a staff member to him, on smp3. Please type /handle r55 to take this request.** Share your feedback below! :)
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  2. Well, if there is something serious they notice pretty quickly. Normally /report will bring attention and if several people do so then they will get on.
  3. But you may need help with something, or have a question but don't know who to message on the website. Staff get enough messages on the site, might lighten the load abit...
  4. I am agreeing with Olaf_C. I see no need for this, it can be used for abuse for new players.
    New Player: I wonder how to herp a derp.
    New Player: /requestStaff
    Staff: Yes?
    New Player: How do I do something that is clearly in the Tutorial, Empire Guide, and Wiki?

    Plus the /report system works perfectly. Plus you can private message in game and on forums.
  5. In that case, normal players can assist you.
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  6. This pretty much just sums up this hole thread. :) Thanks SkyDragon
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  7. Perhaps, but if the staff is online at all, whether it's the forums or the game itself, they're (usually) always monitoring things, ensuring the server is under control. In addition, if it's just a general question (i.e. "where can I build in town?"), then online players are usually willing to assist the player in need.

    Edit: Wow I'm late...:confused:
  8. usually if im online ill drop whatever im doing if someone comes and finds me :)
  9. i like this : D
  10. I often need to know how to herp a derp though and I hear the staff are experts at that.