[Reposted Suggestion] Weighted Pressure Telepads

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  1. After building in creative, I stepped on an Iron Pressure Plate and it activated. At first I felt a bit offended, seeing how it is a heavy pressure plate but then I remembered a suggested for weighted pressure plates to be used as TP's but it could not happen seeing that only dropped items could activate them. But now, players can activate them which means that there should be a RTS for all pressure plates!

    It has been confirmed that players can activate weighted pressure plates whether on EMC, SP, or creative mode.
  2. There actually is. Aikar said something somewhere about how all pressure plates work for the RTS.
  3. Maybe it only works for you because you were in creative. Try doing it in survival on a single player world. Also test if you can step on them and activate redstone on EMC.
  4. Whelp, I'm stumped
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  6. Any response from staff on this?
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  7. Weighted pressure plates detect how many entities there are.

  8. But isn't all the work being performed by the sign, not the pressure plate - as when you place the sign it is looking for a particular item (which in the former case is regular stone and wooden pressure plates and buttons) ...doesn't all he have to do is just add the id numbers of the other items?
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  9. I am aware of that. They can also be triggered by people, as shown in the picture.