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  1. I that if a Suggestion has been asked for over 3 times ( That is a good number I think ) a staff can close a thread with the message " Suggestion has already been asked for " or something like that.
    Suggestion has already been asked for
    (Just kidding - I am not a mod, and it's not a bad idea)
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  3. The only person that truely knows if I am Maxarias undercover, is Max, and Me.
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  4. Ahh, well you just have that away, stating that Max and you are two different people.
  5. And me.
  6. How could you be so sure? Maybe Max has stolen my ID.
  7. I have a strict anti-spy system. It's called a bunch of pyros :3
  8. Yeah I always forget my I.D.
  9. You don't know how easy it is to hit 'Q' instead of 'W', I like to keep it on hand just in case I get pulled over, you know how many time those creeper cops pull you over..
  10. Back on topic please?
  11. It's hard to decide on a number limit like 3, because that would mean mods have to scan through all the old ideas and count them. That takes a long time, because people tend to use different wording. Really, I think mods have the authority to close a thread if it's repeating, but there's a reason they don't. Newer players (and old ones) probably won't scan through old suggestions for the heck of it - having a new thread for an old idea can bring new points to the argument. Having a new thread floating around isn't really hurting anyone IMO.
    Besides, if a topic/thread gets out of hand, mods know how to take care of it.
  12. True, true, but I like to respond to suggestion threads, and I just do not like saying the same thing over and over again on the same subject but on diff threads.