[Report] Something fishy event, and it was fishy! :)

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  1. Hi gang!

    When I got online last Thursday our own Seffychan was organizing a fishing event on SMP2, in the /park there. Well, because SMP2 is my home server (so I was already there) I quickly decided to join in. My voters fishing rod was gathering some dust anyway....

    It all started out well and relaxed. The fish were jumping and we got our share of fish and stuff. People were hauling in saddles and nametags and all was well.

    Yes, I hate to break the news to you guys but I think something is up here and the staff are probably in on it too! :eek: I think there's a connection between the SMP2 /park and the SMP1 /graveyard. These are harsh accusations, I know, but how else can you explain how during this event several players fished up bones and pieces of leather armor? They can't fool me, something fishy was going on here :D

    But then... The fish struck back! (or was it the senior staff? I'm still not sure about that part :D). After a thunderous lightning blast from the sky suddenly strange things started happening...

    Picture made by AyanamiKun

    Several players noticed guardian fish appear around the lake and they all jumped in and started attacking the players left and right. Several players were taken aback by this. After all: wasn't town supposed to be a safe haven for us players?

    Normally yes, but it seems that the fish were determined and had declared war upon us!. This made things so dangerous that several players saw themselves forced out of the water, and sadly they did *...

    The fishing continued and apparently this only angered the fish even more. Because not long after that a new menace appeared. Your reporter has done some investigating of his own and it seems clear that this was not a senior staff in disguise but the real deal:

    Senior staffer B4dman5imon is clearly visible here ;)

    Everyone now started fishing for Momentus but his real intentions weren't quite clear. Was he out to attack us or could it have been possible that all he wanted was to do some fishing off his own?

    Attacking or fishing, your reporter isn't sure either ;)

    Thankfully (? lol!) our own senior staffer Simon was present and he had seen enough. The event was to be secured and so he summoned his pet to the pool. There was only one small problem to deal with.... Simon doesn't do small ;)

    A new theory as to the lag on EMC sometimes: Simons pets roaming around the server ;)

    But, as with all good stories, all's well that ends well. In the end the monsters were defeated and the event finished with several players hauling in plenty of loot :)

    So yeah, thanks to Seffychan and B4dman5imon for a really fishy fishing event! :)

    Small disclaimer:

    * Obviously I'm over dramatizing things here a little ;)
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  2. Lol the momentous

    Had no chanse
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  3. Some Senior Staff :p Unbelievable
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