Report griefing?

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  1. I had someone, who i thought was helping me mine, set me on fire and take my stuff. how do i report them? Here is the bad quality screenshot i finally got. Name was Hillmadam 2012-04-06_18.15.06.png
  2. Well to Report a person is to Do this Command: [ /Report ] It would ask you The players name and the reason.
    So It would be like this What you have to do /report (Persons Name) (Reason Why:)

    And I see you Have did a screenshot, You should send it to a Mod/Admin to See it ( As in post the Picture to them in a Conversation), I dont Know if they would Ban that person or not, depends on how much proof it is. :confused:

    And that screenshot really looked like you ended up losing your items, So Ill just say Im Sorry about that. Hope nothing wasnt too important. :(
  3. You mean PvP-er? I suggest always taking a water bucket with you when going out with strangers :)
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  4. The guy was causing him grief which is why I put 'grieving', but either one works
  5. I hope this never happens to you again! :( Also, from looking at the screen shot, it looks like you didn't that important, so its not like you lost a stack of diamonds! :) Be careful of the people who you think you trust, as you are a new player on EMC.
  6. mabe there should be a greafing or some one who steals it markes it on the service log so you could see the proof if it was not real so when someone dies it would mark it on the log.
  7. always take a water bucket no matter what. just in case a creeper knocks you into a lava lake :D
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  8. I couldn't follow any of that, sorry
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  9. A log is a database of all recent events witch only modaraders can see.
  10. I got the log part but the rest was a bit of a blur
  11. I'm sorry this happened. I had a similar experience except my jerk asked me for food and I gave food. They said they wanted to show me something so he takes me way out from spawn point to this huge castle, takes me to the topmost floor where he tells me to look out a window for something then chops the block from under me which kills me and makes me drop everything. He tried to say we were attacked and we both died yet on live map he was still there after I re-spawned at home. All he got was stone equips, apples and dirt but still I would gladly have given him the stuff if needed and asked.
  12. I laughed so hard at "moder-raders."
  13. Thanks for the help! yeah i only lost a stack of redstone around 10 gold and 20ish lapizluis. i had recently gone back to deposit the 3 diamonds i found. I enjoy this server a lot and so got pulled in for several hours more than i meant to spend.

    Edit* Nothing was in the quick bar because i had just moved some lava buckets out so i wouldn't accidently right click with them.
  14. maybe he had his spawn set there? he did build a castle out there after all
  15. I guess? I dunno. Just sucks
  16. I'm really sorry this has happened to you. I had the luck to make friends with more trustworthy people my first day. Nobody likes people who grief. Just be careful who you trust; never walk of with anyone by yourself, unless you are absolutely sure they won't murder your face. xD I hope this never happens again.
  17. It's a difficult task because there are more of them than there are of us, but believe me that every staff member makes it one of our top priorities to find pvpers and get rid of them. Unfortunately, the screenshot doesn't really show what happened except that you're on fire and the accused is standing next to you, but such evidence is recorded and will ultimately work against a griefer or pvper.

    For anyone who reads this, I have a little advice:
    1. First, the advice about a water bucket is great advice. I carry a bucket of water and a bucket of lava with me at all times. The water comes in handy for many things. And the lava comes in handy when I'm clearing a spawner and become overwhelmed by monsters.
    2. Don't trust anyone until you get to know them well. It's sad that we live in a world where this is standard advice, but we do.
    3. If you have been pvp'ed, try to exit the game before you die. If you can pinpoint your x/y coordinates, let an online staff member know your location. Most of us will be more than happy to go to your location at which point you can reenter the game and when you die we can retrieve your items for you. It's also possible (though unlikely) that the thug will still be around.
    4. The more solid evidence there is in a screenshot the better. I know you're fighting for your life and frustrated because it's a non-PVP server and it's hard to compose a great screenshot. I've been there! But a picture of a thug holding a flint and steel is a lot more damning than just a picture of someone standing around while you are on fire. That's not to say that any screenshots aren't welcome since the totality of evidence will ultimately hang someone.
    5. Try to remember that there are still way more good people than bad people. It's just that the bad people stand out more because they are harming you.
    Also, in the future, post your screenshots in a private message to one of the staff.
  18. True words, spoken by genius. :)
  19. I feel I have achieved something today.