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  1. How do you put a repeating video in your Signature for your profile? Is there something specific I have to put in?
  2. That's called an animated gif xD You can just insert the BB code I think. :)
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  3. I'm not very good with abbreviations, what's the BB Code? Is it like the Embed code of a youtube video?
  4. It's the formatting. Like HTML / XML formatting uses <these> kinds of </brackets> as tags. BBCode is the forum stuff that causes bold or underlined text.
    For posting an image, it'd be thus:
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  5. Ah Yes! The HTML Formatting, I learned how to do this in my Interactive Media class that I took last school year. Thanks!
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  6. You may also find this helpful. :)
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  7. I'm sorry if I messed the names of things up :oops: