Rentable event space?

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What would you pay for event space?

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100r 2 vote(s) 33.3%
500r 0 vote(s) 0.0%
1k 1 vote(s) 16.7%
+1k 3 vote(s) 50.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Is their any interest in rentable event space? has anyone ever tried it? What amount would be reasonable to charge? I have an empty res I'm not going to get around to using for a while
    But it would be more then usable for people who want to trow a party and don't want to have to do it on their res. I think this would be really good for things like grief parties, build contests, firework shows, temporary spleef builds.
    I also have several builds that could be suitable for drop parties or easter egg hunts.
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  2. These are done on Peoples res's that are going to be reset for other projects but due to there being a lot of items they don't do it so they invite the community to come and take it down for them so they don't waste materials
  3. many people including myself have rentable drop party rooms
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  4. I know of this usage of grief party but I was thinking of something along the lines of building a structure with the specific intention of it being destroyed (could be fun way for a community to vent). Also your extrapolating on a term not replying to my query; even if didn't know what grief party was it wouldn't matter because I'm not hosting the party I'm just renting out the space.
  5. Well that's good to know when it comes to my premade builds I wasn't sure as I haven't run into them often. Maybe I should try to do some sort of events center rather then just renting an open space.
  6. I can vouch for bite. That's where I had my 10 dp. Well worth it...
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  7. Anyone else want to weigh in?:)