Remove this eyesore?

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  1. That usually happens when your connection is being stupid. It does it on my phone.
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  2. This only happens if you choose to "open in new window or tab" on the Like button.
  3. you haz two messages, you should read those ;P
  4. Goes fine for me
  5. But I didn't do that. I clicked like and got that >.>
    I always haz two messages :p
  6. Middle click?
  7. lately, everytime i try to type here, and i select my text to change it... it take it to a page labeled 'sup' then says warning or whatever and then to another page... its really annoying, its probably my side of things?.. but it only ever does it on this website. so, confused i am. maybe this is something like it?
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  8. I wasn't using a mouse at the time, just a touchpad.
  9. I live in England and have fast fibre optic broadband. I have zero problems on the EMC website...

    (Uses Google Chrome)
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  10. This is an issue when you have either a slow connection or you choose to open the link in a new page. XenForo has some crazy awesome system that bypasses a million and one things so you only have to click like on that post and it likes the post.
  11. I get the same. EMC's site has been lagging horribly for me lately, but on every other site it's fine >.>
  12. wonder if its some issue with routing to the UK because I surely haven't noticed any lag issues o.o

    Trust me, I get email bombed when the site has problems ~.~
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  13. So what you are saying is, you want us to make it so you get email bombed? >: )
    Not really doe, dont even know how to email bomb Aikar : P
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  14. I live in the UK and I have zero problems with the site. Though I do have fast internet? :p
  15. It happens to me time to time because of my "fantastic" internet speed. I usually click on it and go on with my day complaining about it being there it's just nick pickin.
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  16. It's happened maybe once or twice to me, but not recently at all. I haven't been having any issues with the site recently. If it matters, I'm on the West Coast of the US.
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  17. Never happened to me. I even have mediocre internet.
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  18. It is not just a U.K. thing. For me it is a problem for mobile operating systems. It isn't due to the site, it happens when you have a bad connection, not anything such as a slow computer or the site itself.
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  19. The UK has bad internet, especially when you're with Sky, which is who most are with. I'm getting Fibre Optic with BT soon, so maybe this will change, but I know of a few UK-based people who have this issue.
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