Remove live map for wilderness

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  1. People don't use it to find their way... They use it to find people and grief.

    This became apparent to me when today my spawner was destroyed by griefers from a live map

    Please remove it for wilderness?
  2. This is a good and bad idea.

    Bad because when people get lost they can't find there way back ( I have tried that before :3 )

    Good because less grief,

    Also i don't think Justin will remove the livemap, because there is no commands to get back home. :)
  3. If you don't want people to find you on the map, dish out $5/month and become a subscriber and hide yourself. That's less than ยข20/day.
  4. So, your asking to get rid of a life saving feature, so you don't get griefted. I vote no to this on so many levels. Something tells me you weren't very far from the spawn. Go out around 30 minutes at the least, and you should be ok.
  5. Becoming a supporter allows you to use /map hide so people can't find you in the Wilderness, Nether & Town.
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  6. I was 2000 away.

    There's these things called maps and compasses though. Find your way back the old school way.
  7. 2K blocks is not that safe. Everyone who lives in the wild takes the risk of being killed, stolen from, and griefted. If you cant take these risks, I suggest you go back to town. Also, from what I know, compasses wont help you get back to town. Same with maps.
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  8. Its easy.. Compas shows you which way you're facing, you look at which way the sun is going.. (east to west)... If you compass faces south and sun is going west you need to go northeast for spawn.
  9. and singleplayer doesnt have a map and you can always find home.. why cant we do it here?
  10. But what way might the spawn be from your location in the wild. East, West, North, or South, you wont know. If you want to use a compasses and a map, you can, but most of us wont.
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  11. As Crazy1080 would say,
  12. compasses should point towards the wild spawn, but not outposts, so unless you have a bed set in the wild it should be ok for short trips around the main circle
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  13. Because this is muiltplayer. In singleplayer, you should know the area around your base like the back of your hand, its not like that in severs. If we had no live map, so many people would get lost, no one would want to live in the wild.
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  14. Yes. Once a few friends and I traveled for hours from an outpost based on a compass's directions. It took us back to the ORIGINAL spawn. Plus, 2,000 blocks is puny. Make it underground, or out of obsidian so they can' grief it, or dirt so they WON'T grief it, or just go farther out. Griefers are too lazy to run for 30k blocks.
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  15. Maybe it seems good for you, but its not for anyone who doesn't live in the wild. My wild outpost is 5 minutes from spawn, prob same distance as you, and you can see it stick out like a sore thumb on the map. I haven't been grieved once, without hiding from the map. Consider a new spot.
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  16. i use it to find my way, if i don't have it... i will get insanely lost. this is not a good idea at all. what will the people who actually play by the rules do? that means we are screwed honestly. this isn't fair AT ALL that good people suffer from morons. >.< bad idea.
  17. deal with having a map. hide your house, go underground. don't complain.
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  18. I think you took it a tad bit to far ._. remove the "or get off EMC"
  19. i guess i did, sorry about that. just upset me that someone would want to get rid of something other people live off. that is like telling someone to stop using their lungs. :confused:
  20. No, it's like saying that we need to get rid of cars because sometimes people get hit by them.