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  1. Don't get me wrong, I think the big streets are kind of ok but I was looking around in SMP2 and I saw this one big street-

    I thought, hey I kind of like this. It is smooth and you can see your neighbor very clearly. I really do like this more than the current but I think if people just tweak this a bit, it could be a useful yet simple road for EMC. With all the new changes, this can be one of them. ( could be a Horse 1.6 road )

    EDIT: I was talking with one of the staff members and they said they like them simple, like this.
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  2. Alex got that done a fair while ago, I think he's getting it reset back the way it normally is, I think I prefer it with the trees.
  3. Most people do, but I just find those trees old and annoying in my opinion.
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