[Reminder] wedding in 30 minutes!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by jtc0999, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Just a reminder: The wedding is in 30 at my utopia res. Everyone has use access :D
  2. Why do people get married on minecraft...
  3. i have no idea....
    I just want to, ya know?
  4. Especially if they are only 13....
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  5. Congratulations on getting married!!!!..... in minecraft?
  6. You need a lot more than that to be a reason to marry. Be it figuratively online or in real life.
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  7. i'm not going to argue,
    Good day :D
  8. Online marriages aren't serious :p
  9. Someone has snowballs xD
  10. Doesn't matter its a commitment that people could still be hurt by.
  11. Well, we've had plenty of weddings here, but I have yet to see the first EMC divorce.
  12. Just let them be It's not hurting anybody physically or mentally. Just two youngins enjoying the game and decided to this.
  13. Yet
  14. People actually remembered this?
  15. why do people care if they decide to? its their choice to do it so why bother everyone has diffrent ideas
  16. No. But i spent like 950r on snowballs for it xD
  17. And if there is they will learn from it that's what life is about learning from good and bad decision. " insert wall of text about life"