Reminder: VOTE For EMC on Minestatus!

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  1. EMC Vote.PNG
    Vote for EMC on everyday! You get 50 free rupees and it helps bring more members to the Empire!
    Just a friendly reminder: Go to click "Rupees"
    Scroll Down
    Click Vote on Minestatus
    Put your Minecraft Username and fill out the Captcha
    Done! You will recieve the 50 rupees automatically once you vote.
    Don't forget to vote everyday! :)
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  2. Has 2 accounts nice, add other 100r to my daily bonus lol
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  3. The sponsored servers, avert your eyes...
  4. Voted ;D
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  5. Bump for Time Zones!
  6. Other than the chance to bring in people I don't think voting is worth it.
  7. It doesn't take that long..... but true, there should be an extra incentive, but this has been discussed many times.
  8. Finally someone else making a thread reminding people to vote, also if you click the first pic in my signature it will take you to EMC minestatus page.
  9. Too lazy to vote.
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