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  1. I think the poppy is a great promo to signify an event like this but I think it should be modified so it cannot be bought or sold. I maybe the only one who thinks this but using something such as this to gain extra wealth, even if it's just a virtual item and virtual money, just seems....wrong.
  2. I totally understand where this is coming from but some players aren't from America and don't really care about America's veteran's day. So to some players, an extra 10k is nicer than honoring something you don't care about.
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  3. This is just an item in a game. Yes it has text for what it's about but whether you keep, sell, trade or trash this item it doesn't have any impact on what the day is about. It's like any other promo in the game. The day itself is what is important. That's really all that matters imo.
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  4. There are many other countries particularly in Europe that do recognize America's Veterans Day. They recognize that without the sacrifice of American troops particularly during the second world war that they would not be able to live free today. Americans have given their lives not only to protect the freedom of Americans but also to protect the freedom of citizens around the world. So in reality you probably do care about it and just don't realize it.
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  5. As a vet, I support selling, or keeping, or buying of these 'special' items. These are the freedoms I sacrificed for - use them.
  6. I totally understand,
    I totally understand but I have friends that play from Australia and don't recognize Veterans Day as a huge holiday as Americans and Britons do so they'd rather take the extra money
  7. Other than that is it really possible to stop ALL sales of the promo? Not very easily from what I can tell... Nothing stops someone from /mail'ing someone the promo or putting it in a chest and I am not sure much will. The poppy itself has a great meaning, but if you want to sell it to someone then do it, at least they want it.
  8. Which countries celebrate American's Veterans Day in Europe? I know of nowhere where it's recognised here.

    Oh, people would still be able to live free - it just would have taken longer. And the Soviet Union might have abused advances on the Eastern Front - which they did anyway.

    Also, in response to OP: It's an in-game item. These soldiers putting their lives at risk and many times even dying are doing it so people can do what they want, including selling stuff like this IRL. In-game surely doesn't hurt.
    Australians do recognise Veterans Day, and they do it in the same way as the UK and Canada. It's just called Remembrance Day here and we commemorate slightly different things, but within the same 'topic'.
  9. Australians DO recognise Remembrance day (same as veterans day) as they are part of the commonwealth, so I don't see where your idea that they don't comes from.
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  10. Look it up, there are ceremonies in both France and Britain. As far as - it would have taken longer - you mean like in the Soviet Union. Oh wait, all those countries only became free because Russia allowed them to be. If it weren't for Gorbachev all those countries would still be totally controlled by the Russians. Just as western Europe would currently be the slaves of Germany if it weren't for America. Britain had no chance, as Churchill admitted, without the intervention of America. Ask your parents or grandparents how they think it would have gone without America.
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  11. Well in real life people also sell and buy poppies.
  12. Please, do not debate WW2 in 'this' thread. Make another, 'what if' if you'd like. I would greatly appreciate it.
  13. As a British person, I can confirm that there are not.

    Already done. They think the exact same as me and most people in the UK. My granddad isn't even British, either, so...
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  14. Well excuse you. It's not Americas veterans day. Its a rememberence day for everyone who has lost their lives in war. Some countries haven't been as affected. But in the UK we certainly do recognise remembrance day.

    EDIT: I really cannot believe that people think Americas Veterans Day is some world wide event that everyone 'celebrates' just for American soldiers. You do know that many countries 'celebrate'REMEMBRANCE DAY. A way of remembering EVERYONE lost at war. Trust the Americans to make it about themselves.
  15. You're a smart guy. You probably know that America developed a nuclear bomb in 1945. And that it was developed by German scientists that America captured that were working on it in Germany. If you don't believe this you can look it up. So Hitler was close to a nuclear bomb. America doesn't send arms or their young men to England to defend it. D-Day has no chance of taking place. Hitler inevitably develops the nuclear bomb. Hitler probably would never have used it, right? More likely London would no longer exist. Then exactly how would Europe have been liberated. I'm not even considering the effect of any delay defeating Germany on their development of the jet engine for fighter planes. Which they had before the end of the war. Prop planes would have had no chance against jet fighters. I don't want to get too much into this but if the Americans that died defending your country that we are remembering today didn't do it there's a very good chance your life and your parents life would have been significantly different. That's all I'm saying.
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  16. Thread severely derailed and people were not being the nicest towards each other.

    Whatever you think of today, keep it to yourselves and let's focus on honoring the veterans please.
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