[Religious] Efy 2014 Songs

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  1. EFY stands for: Especially For Youth.
    It is a program, where you can go to either a stay at home, or overnight version. But takes place during the work week (Monday-Friday). It lasts from 9 A.M. - 9 P.M.

    I just love these songs so much, I felt like sharing them. Yes, I belong to the Churh Of Jesus Christ of The Latter Day Saints (in case anyone was wondering:)).

    They're free to listen to, and if anyone would like to download them, I have a code that'll let you download any of the ones you want, Just ask.
    If you listened to them, tell me which one was your favorite in the comments!
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  2. I love I Need Thee Every Hour song.
  3. I'm sure something small like this is allowed :)
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  4. Religious talk is aloud, I checked with multiple staff members before building my church :).
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  5. I think as long as it doesn't create drama or controversial discussion, it is ok.
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  6. I think the rule is pretty much don't do anything that would offend anyone :)
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  7. Now that we know this is legal, i love all the songs! :)
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  8. Ok the code is 3642433 it should allow you to listen to the full version! My favorite is anxiously engaged!