Release - EMC Online Players Checker Desktop Application

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  1. Heyo, little application I made that lets you see who's online on each server and you can search for players.



    Hope you guys can find it useful! :)
  2. Checking it out.
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  3. Doesn't seem to work with a mac
  4. Nope. Windows only. (Unless you run with Wine or equivalent)
  5. Updated! v1.2 is out, I added in the correct color for senior staff, added in a color for developers, and fixed a crash bug when you tried to use the PM feature. :)

    The link is updated, so just download it again if you already have it. I might be able to add in auto-updating in the next release but for now you'll have to do it manually.
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  6. looks cool, checking it out
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  7. FYI your server list mapping is incorrect. SMP1 and 2 are correct, but server-online-3 is Utopia, and server-online-4 through 10 are each one less (e.g. SMP5's feed is server-online-6, and SMP9's is server-online-10).
  8. Wow, no idea how I skipped over that in debugging. I guess I saw players and assumed it was right XD will fix that ASAP. Working on it now to see if I can make a quick formula that will let me fix it without redoing all the button code.

    EDIT - Pushed the update, sorry everyone but please download it again
  9. From smp3 on, the servers are all one ahead of each other. For example, smp3 is smp4, smp4 is smp5, and smp9 is.. smp10?! Wow, didn't know a 10 existed lol. :p

  10. Have you downloaded it recently? I patched that yesterday.
  11. thnx for this m8 :)
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