(Reintroduction) Hi im Jrlizard AMA

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  1. Im getting older in EMC and kind of want to do one of these. Ask me anything I will probably answer most questions.
  2. Are you really a junior lizard?
  3. Where did you get your (Minecraft) name/what is your real name (if you don't mind)?
    Favorite food?
    Favorite book?
    Favorite movie?
    Favorite upcoming movie?
    Favorite video game?
    Do you liek trains?
    Favorite console?
    Do you like school?
    Do you like asians?
    Do you like fried rice?
    Favorite computer brand?
  4. If you mean junior by small no, but by jr maybe.
  5. As in there's a SrLizard somewhere. Off in the distance. The sunset. The universe…
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  7. My best friend is Sr Lizard on Xbox,Thief.
  8. Thief? I was just assuming that there was a SrLizard somewhere.

    Off topic: how come this thread can be more active than mine? D:
  9. Cause your posting on mine
    And i was just saying that he jacked my name.
  10. Yes I am. Because I'm nice like that. Sadly, very few show compassion in return.


    Double post? :confused:
  11. We would be friends in real life.