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  1. So, as you might know, the main server was down for a while yesterday and the day before. If you registered in the past few days and are still getting error messages saying to join at with a code, then you have not been whitelisted by the server, even though you are registered on the site. It has nothing to do with entering your minecraft password or not, it is a simple side effect of the main server having been down.
    It's a simple fix, really. Just click here to start a conversation with IcecreamCow, our admin, and tell him what has happened. He will gladly fix things up for you.
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  2. I haven't registered recently but i will probably need to know that! Thanks agin Secret!
  3. I would actually suggest not PMing ICC, as he probably has a full inbox right now, and also he is very aware of the issue.
  4. However, he can't help you if he doesn't know that you are having an issue.
    If I'm right, he will likely have to manually whitelist everyone that joined while the main server was down. If he doesn't know who to whitelist, he can't do it.
    I mean, unless there's a system that knows who was whitelisted and who wasn't.
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  5. wow, has to whitelist people,
    hmmm title change please?
    <title>No whitelist Minecraft multiplayer servers | Empire Minecraft</title>
    sounds to me like it is a whitelist minecraft server.
  6. Technically, we're not. However, a while back, Justin changed it so that you had to join on the site in order to join a server, so that people would have a better chance of reading the rules before getting on in-game. It is still a whitelist, it's just automatic. When you join on the site you are (typically) whitelisted in game. However, with the main server being down, that gives us problems.
    The point is is that we're not a manual whitelist server.
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  7. I'm guessing (and I repeat: GUESSING) that the servers use the forums database to run the whitelist. I know using a plugin it's possible with Bukkit++. It just seems like the logical way. Therefore, unless the database is cached in a strange way, it shouldn't be caused by this.
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  8. not the point. the reason this is is so that people don't think "oh, if i need to apply and get accepted it will take too long," but its all automatic.
  9. Main server crashed.
  10. The main server hosts all the information, IE rupee's history, Rupees amount, What's in your vault, All that kind of thing.
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  11. Ok, well i'm just ganna relax, give it a few days, if ya all are having main server problems im a hosting provider and i will sponsor with no ask for anything in return to assist in anyway whats so ever, be it helping bring up the server or allowing use of my biggest machine, 16gb ram, 8x 2.3ghz cpus (REAL CPUS not virtual) 1gb connection and unmetered bandwidth. hit me up!
  12. I'm sure justin's got it covered. It was a small minor glitch in the system. The EMC servers are actually extremely reliable, They've only gone down when they got DOS'ed
  13. actually... the game servers were not affected by the DDoS attack. Just the forums :p
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  14. If its going to be manual, or if he needs all the names, im sure he can create a google doc that lets you enter your username. We dont want him to come on and see 6374 new messages
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  15. Well until he does that, I'm sure that he'd be fine with some PM's. And I don't think 6,000 people are having this problem, no way that many people could join in just 2 days.
  16. True about the number, i usually exaggerate quite a bit. Maybe shaun could help in the threads, and ICC in only messages?
  17. Maybe, I don't know. I know Jeremy's been busy right and left with this stuff, I've just been trying to point people to him as he can help much more than I can.
  18. This matter has been taken care of. The site/game connection was severed yesterday with the server bug. We took care of it about 10 minutes ago and everyone should be good to go!
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