Reflection in Bed 4 + 5

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Fight Everyone... 1 vote(s) 25.0%
Accuse someone... 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Try to find evidence to defend yourself... 3 vote(s) 75.0%
  1. Omg. That guy scared me. He was wearing a tuxedo and had a mask to cover his face. His arm was amputated, that was scary. Alex didn’t stay long though, cry-baby.

    “Ahhhhh! Run for your life!” screamed Alex.
    “Alex, wait! Don’t leave-” I said.

    Alex disappeared down the hallway.

    “Oh, don’t worry about him. They will take care of him.” the man said.

    Wait. who’s ‘they’ now? I hope Alex didn’t get captured by whatever this was.
    “So, why are you two trespassing on our grounds?” He said.
    Let’s see. Should I play it safe, or tell him the truth. I didn’t trust him, so I decided to make a dumb excuse.
    “We were delivering a package. Erm- we went to the wrong building right?” I said.
    “Definitely wrong. This location is classified, so don't even ask.” He said.
    Classified? His eye twitched. He knew I was lying. Phillip told me some advice a while back. “When you are stuck, stall them or make more excuses.” Those old memories from those videogames.
    “So, yeah. This place is cool.”
    Immediately, he grabbed his knife and threw it near my head. I stood there in shock the knife was an inch away from my head, as it smashed into the wall. I was still shocked. Out of nowhere, a ninja-like teen kicked the man in the face. The man smashed into the elevator. The teen picked up some knives and said,

    “Come with me, if you want to stay alive.”
    “Wha- How?” I said.
    “Let’s go dude!”

    I followed this guy toward the staircase. Another guy, with brown hair, was there, holding his bow against the wall.

    “Will, we gotta go. The enemy’s behind.” the teen said.

    The brown haired guy nodded. We jumped down the stairs and into a room full of cargo. We continued running, as I heard people yelling upstairs. We stopped. The first noise I heard: bullets. The brown haired kid tackled me on the ground, as bullets flew over my head.

    “Sorry, you almost died by that bullet.”
    “Sorry? You saved my life, man!”

    More bullets rushed over my head. The other kid was trying his best not to get hit.

    “So, what’s your name?” I said.

    “Will. The other kid that kicked that creepy man - Troy.” Will said.
    “Guys. Now is not the time for a conversation!” Troy said.

    Will shook his head and shot his bow without even looking. The enemy went down quicker than a blink. These guys were good.

    “Path cleared! Lets go!” Troy said.

    After a few more minutes of dodging and running, we broke through doors into the unknown.
  2. This was like a secret hideout. We entered a fresh room. I looked around. Computer tech was everywhere and tiny crates of supplies were stacked in the corner. Some people were shocked. Some cheered. Why were they so happy? I was panting hard, from all that running.
    “Well. That was. Awful. I almost died!” I said.
    The teen smiled, he helped the other boy up because he was tangled in his bow.
    “Welcome to Area A, I am Troy, leader of this group.” he said.
    He grinned and ran off to hug some girl.
    “Hey all! Troy is back with the new recruit!” the girl said.
    Seven people in total, gathered around me and started talking.

    “What can you do?”
    “Whats your name?”
    “Another recruit?”
    “Who are you?”
    “SILENCE!” Troy said.

    Everyone shut their mouth and looked at the ground.

    “Everyone, let him talk.” Troy said.
    “Hi, I’m Tony. And-” I said.
    “Ooh Hi Tony!” someone said.
    “Such a fabulous name.”
    “Such a stupid one.”
    “Wow. This is a recruit?”
    “STOP!” shouted Troy.

    He glared at his companions and shook his head.

    “Welcome to Area A, Tony. Or the ‘crime fighting group’.” said Troy.
    “You guys fight crime?”
    “Yep. Hopefully, after today though. We’ve had a rough time with our defenses.”

    Troy glared at the boy. And started introducing me to everyone.
    “So, this is Rachel, our nerd and our programmer.”

    The blond girl stepped forward and started talking. She was about my age, 15 or 16.

    “Hi Tony! You’re so cute! Glad you could join us.” She winked and went back to her workstation.

    “These two are Will and Mark.You already met Will and saw him in action. They are our sharpshooters.” Troy said.
    “Yea. We’re brothers and we-” said Will.
    “Are a beast at archery!” said Mark.
    The two high-fived and ran back to the weapons area. They were also my age. Why were there so much teens?

    “Cassy is our camera tech girl. Along with Austin, her friend and our best mechanic.”
    “Hi Tony. Welcome to Area A. I’m working on my robots and drones, so feel free to stop by. ” said Austin. He was a bit like 12.
    “Yeah, what he said.” said Cassy. The two giggled and climbed the ladder into the upper area.
    “Finally, thats Connor our-erm, what do you do again?” Troy said.
    “I’m good at everything!! Troy. You suck at leading.” He stomped away and kicked over a few crates. Troy grit his teeth and smiled back at me.
    “So, what’s your specialty, Tony?” Troy said.

    What was I good at? I disarmed the lasers, so does that count?

    “ I’m good at lasers, I know how to disarm them, create them, and I guess archery too. I did an archery camp this summer.” I said.
    “Thats awesome! You should practice with Will. He’s awesome at it too.”
    “Troy! Come pick up my trash! You’re a mess!” Connor yelled. Troy stomped away into the other section of the area. I didn’t have much time to explore or get answers. A drone fell from the second deck and landed near my feet.
    “Woops! Sorry, Tony. Come up here!”
    I picked up the drone and climbed the ladder, all the way to the top. I handed nothing to Austin and he was puzzled.

    “Wait, Where is it?” Austin said.

    I thought I had it in my hands. Thats strange. Maybe..

    “Everyone down here for an emergency meeting!” yelled Troy, all the way down in the bottom.
    “We should check this out.” Austin said.
    Everyone was gathered, as Troy hit a play button for a video. The video was from a security camera. Everything was normal. Austin’s drone hit the floor. I picked it up. However, instead of going up the ladder, I went toward the crates and stole some dollars, like a couple of hundreds. When I turned my head, it was clear. The video was too clear. Someone set this up. The TV screen went black.

    “Wait, that video is-” I said.
    “Don’t argue with the video. I hate traitors like you.” Troy said.
    “Why, Tony? You seemed like a good guy.” Will said.
    “That wasn’t me! I was with Austin. I didn’t even go toward the crates.” I exclaimed.

    Austin didn’t say anything. Connor was grinning. I wanted to punch that jerk in the face. I knew it was him.
    “Well, I suppose, we’ll just kill you now, traitor.” Troy said.
    Everyone nervously surrounded me, including Austin.
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  3. This is intense!
    But why were the last two sentences coloured black? :p