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  1. I need some one who is an expert or knows a lot of Redstone contraptions and stuff

    I'm trying to set up a chest so when someone buys from it a door opens
    Please post here if you can help me.
    Smp3 /v 6027

    I will discuss payment once I know for sure who can help me
  2. I could probably do one, but it'd take awhile to design. How much is the payment?
  3. That is not possible as the chest shops are plugins in EMC and can't be modified or used for anything else except buying unless you have command blocks.
  4. It is possible, just really hard. You need to have a comparator detect blocks and then have it not detect items in chest, it would only really work if you had SC items for SC buy signs....
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  5. I know how to do this in an easier way...ill gladly help you
  6. It is actually a quit simple design. I use it for my casino, and I would be happy to help.
  7. [chest][comparator >][block][redstone torch >][redstone wiring....][door]
    [ ^dropper][redstone wire.................................]

    Keep 1 item in chest at all times

    when a person clicks to buy from the shop - it takes the 1 item out... thus turning off comparator - turning on the torch

    have the redstone wire attached to the torch - go and power the (door in this case) ...and also power a dropper facing the chest to restock the chest - and turn the doors back again


    have redstone wire attached to a pressure plate on the other side of the door to deactivate the redstone to close it...

    then below pressure plate you could have a teleport which teleports them away from the area to prevent multiple chest fillings...
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  8. Huh i guess I completely forgot about comparators...oops :p
  9. Thanks for all the offers on helping
    But tuqueque has finished it (thank you SO VERY much)

    So I'll edit the main post if I need another Redstone job ;)

    BTW check out the "Ye old trading post of 6027"
  10. <----------------- Totally inexperienced with redstone :(
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  11. Pictures or it didn't happen :D

    That doesn't work all the time. Because EMC uses a plugin items can disappear from the chest while the comparator doesn't detect the block update. I've seen this happening in my shop (which uses this very same design); redstone lamps sometimes stay on even though all the items have been sold out. The moment I open the chest things turn off.

    So you'd probably need a BUD switch (as mentioned above) to make sure this will always work.
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  12. At the moment this [comparator design] is unreliable on EMC.

    Comparators do not always update when shop chest contents change.

    {edited for clarity}