Redstone Shut off?

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  1. So...The past two days, I have logged on, and not only has my redstone flag on my res been turned to "false" but one of my comparators have been shut off as well. No one has rights on my res, so it makes no sense. It has only done this twice, with many days beforehand with it properly working. Is there a reason for this?
  2. If it was always on then someone could have reported it for lag. Then a senior staff or up would change the flag to stop the Redstone.
  3. If it was that, that's stupid. Mines a lot smaller and less laggy than many of the others i've seen x-x
  4. I don't see any reports complaining about his redstone, although it is possible that a Sr Staff was responding to an in-game request. There is no searchable history of staff changing any flags. After a second staff intervention of a redstone problem, I would think you would have seen a sign placed asking you to make some kind of change.

    If anything changes again, please bump and update this thread. Aikar has recently made some code changes with how entities tick, but it should not have any effect on a residence flag.

    If anyone else reading this is having this problem, staff need to know. It's not normal for flags to change without a residence owner changing it themselves.
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  5. Thank you for letting me know. I will post an update tomorrow, letting you know if it occurred again :)
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  6. I have seen where staff had to intervene when they are auto-firework lag machines.
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  7. This was not an auto-firework lag machines though I think.
  8. yeah those are laggy and crash even the beefiest of beefy computers. As well as being illegal.
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  9. Even if it was an auto firework machine, I do not think that the redstone flag is usually altered. It's pretty easy to just turn off most machines. I'm hoping that Sr. Staff will notice this thread and reply if they did or didn't ever make any change like that.
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  10. Its a sugarcane farm. I HATE fireworks for that reason alone.
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  11. Well, when I logged on tonight, my redstone flag was still working, but the comparator had been shut off. So idk the reasoning for this, but yeah.
  12. Sr Staff would of left a sign if it was modified multiple times.

    As for redstone - if you are setting it to global true, then that is why its happening.

    By setting redstone to true, you are giving EVERYONE access to change your comparators.

    It is recommended you leave it set to false.

    If you had done /res default, that would of cleared it for you.
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  13. So I need to do /res default to make it so it doesn't change on me anymore?
  14. If you want to remove certain flags from people being able to do it ... do /res pset (name) (flag) remove

    And to set something to false do /res set (flag) (false)

    Since you were referencing the comparators it would be:
    /res set redstone false

    If you're the owner of the res, you can still do the changing your ownself

    If you want individual people to be able to mess with it do /res pset (name) redstone true
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  15. But the res was already set to default is what i am saying. So no players could have been changing it.
  16. But it sounds like you kept setting redstone to true thinking that was required for redstone to work?

    It's not, and if you kept setting redstone true, then that is why people were changing your comparators.
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  17. I had originally been thinking that, but then I caught on :p