Redstone review: The Auto Gardener

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  1. What: Today I built a cool redstone contraption in single player. But I made it even more heavy duty then the original designs ( what is pretty simple. The dispenser dispenses bone meal making a rose go into a hopper that leads to a chest. So I build 2 more different sized timers to it to make it more efficient. Then I added a copy of that layer of 3 timers so now it is 2x more efficient then the 3 layers. Then I added another small layer that made it even faster. On top of that I added another 2 dispensers and another rose with bonemeal in it making it 2x faster.
    Pics of The Finished Contraption:
    The Outcome: The outcome is nothing short of amazing. This little (minecraft little) is so efficient it produced so much rose that in ONLY 8 minutes, 8 minutes I had ran out of bonemeal but got more than a Single Chest but almost a double chest!
    The Rating: I will rate this contraption here all ratings are out of 10.
    Efficiency: 10/10
    Build Difficulty: 3/10 (lower the better)
    EMC Economy Ruining Rating: 11/10 (Yes its that efficient :p)
    Overall Rating Out Of 100: 89/100
    Item List:
    Hoppers: 36
    Redstone Dust: 73
    Dispensers: 5 (only 4 work)
    Repeater: 104
    Rose Bushes: 2
    Price for All Items:
    Hoppers: 900r
    Redstone: 146r
    Dispensers: 80r
    Repeater: 1,764r
    Rose Bush: 4r
    Total: 2,894r! An amazing price for something so efficient!

    Thanks for reading!
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  2. Wow I'm such a noob at redstone that I didn't know half of what you are saying :p But it sounded really efficient and amazing! :D

    When I clicked "Right Hear" and "original designs" my screen said the webpage couldn't be found. :confused: Is it just my computer? Or.....?
  3. I like and I'll be sure to check this out sometimes. One question: could you check your links? They no workie :confused:
  4. Sorry about that, Im a noob with the [url= thing :p
  5. I tend to not use the [url] tag, as I find it way easier just to select the text, click the chain link thingy on the toolbar, and plop the link in there. :)
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  6. I forgot the prices per item and total! fixed :)