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  1. Add redstone tutorials and links to empire wiki. This would help new players understand and see the value in redstone. Include examples of the different features related to redstone. If we already have this feature, disregard.
  2. There are already plenty of Redstone tutorials online in other places. The Empire Wiki is a source for Empire Minecraft information, not information on the game itself.

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  4. Even though this would be great for me, who is a noob at redstone, I don't think the wiki would be the perfect place for redstone. Maybe a blog?
  5. +1
    it would be very useful to say too what works on emc and what dosent because we all know this server got special rules lol
  6. There's a Redstone section on the blog. Ask some people who are good at Redstone to write up a guide and submit it! :)
  7. I think something like SteveClasher said would be helpful, such as a wiki page on bugs related to redstone this server currently has, as there are still a few that have not been fixed, rather than a tutorial on redstone which can very easily be learned on the Minecraft wiki. The Minecraft wiki has everything a beginner will need to learn basic redstone.
  8. That's what is for. ;)
  9. Guys...some of you are very skilled with redstone, which makes this request not important to you, but there are others that are not. We want to make this server somewhere that all can benefit from and thus the request. If it is just a list of recommended links...even that would be helpful to most. You guys know which sites/links were the most helpful to share them with the community. Don't dismiss the request just because you are skilled with redstone.
  10. We have youtube

  11. It was just a suggestion...
  12. Those things should be on the [wiki]technical-changes-from-vanilla-Minecraft[/wiki] page. If you know of any "special rules" that aren't, send me or another Contributor a PM.
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  13. Suggestions will mostly get criticized whether you like it or not...
  14. I like your suggestion, but I also agree with Penguin up there: the Empire wiki is initially meant to be a reference for the Empire Minecraft server.

    However, one way or the other a Redstone tutorial is going to start this year. I'm aiming for the blog but we'll see how that goes. And not just a redstone tutorial: an EMC Redstone tutorial. Meaning so much that I'll dedicate a large part of my Utopian residence to it so that people can read about an example and then also try it out for themselves.

    I have most of it ready in singleplay, so now all I need is to get some building and writing done.
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  15. Understood...just didn't want a word fight to break out in here.
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