Redstone Expo preperations

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  1. Welcome to the planning thread for the redstone expo!
    Ismooch, DeathTomb, and I are all working together on this.

    What is it?
    The redstone expo will give the EMC community the chance to show off their redstone skills, advertise cool things, and show people how to make awesome redstone creations. Everyone from pros to complete newbies can enjoy it.

    What are the plans?
    currently these things have been planned:
    1. The build is being taken care of by the Pazzo Empire Crew.
    2013-06-12_13.22.45.png 2013-06-12_13.22.57.png


    2. This is taking place on residence 5020 on Utopia.
    3. DeathTomb will be hosting some lessons on redstone during the expo.
    4. We kind of know who the recorder will be.

    Currently we are trying to plan and get People to participate (visit the booth registration thread to get a creation in the expo)
    We also need LOTS of donations.

    1. Oak logs
    2. Pine logs
    3. Oak leaves
    4. Glass
    5. Red wool
    6. White wool
    7. Cobblestone
    8. Stone
    9. Redstone dust
    10. Redstone repeaters
    11. Stone brick
    12. Quartz
    13. Quartz ore
    14. Glowstone
    All of these can be delivered to 5020.

    Anything else I should know?
    I am currently planning the event to take up one week around the end of June or sometime in July. No one needs to be there for the whole thing and hopeful this will attract lots of people.

    Thanks for reading. If you have any advise or want to help then please post.
  2. Everything seems great except the safety deposit. I'm pretty sure that isn't allowed. Not sure. Ask a mod about that :p
  3. The idea for the safety deposit was to make sure those who applied actually planned on doing something and to make sure they don't grief. I can see why it would not be allowed though. I will probably get rid of it.

    Edit: just removed it.
  4. If you have a spare 200k AlexChance may be able to build an awesome building for this expo. Otherwise I may be able to design it but not build it.
  5. I don't have anything close to 200k so that is not an option (unless someone is feeling really generous :p). I can always build it myself and maybe get some help from others if I have a design.
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  6. first, hi. and second, is there a limit on size or proportions?
  7. Hi Olaf. Didn't know you were on the forums. It must fit in a standard 60x60 res. It should definately be large enough to fit many redstone creations.
  8. Im replying to this to get alerts, and let you generally know that this may have some big funding coming behind for this. There are discussions with some pretty big people going right now on some stuff we can do to help you out.

    I will tell you, that you will need to make a little bit more planning. You need to have a set booth size. So you can sell the booth's. The reason for selling is a booth rather than free entry is simple. It is to deter griefers/troublemakers. You are offering to give a lot of people permissions to not yours, but someone else's hard work. So I think this is a great idea, but some simple modifications need to be made.

    Also, I think I will have a Utopian res dedicated to this project, and I think I will be able to get a pretty good build team together for you.
  9. I am here to donate a res. 860 and 2124 are available for your disposal.
  10. sounds awesome, I'll be sure to join
  11. Also, if this does come together, I am here to help organise the event! :D
  12. Ok, this is what we were thinking, a 100*100 building with 90*90 rooms. This gives you a pretty good use of a 120*120 res.

    Now, we were thinking pricing could go as follows.

    With the following specifications a 'Small' Booth is 10*10. This would include the walls the ceiling and the floors.

    On the 1st floor the price for a Small Booth is 2000r. This is because the 1st floor would be the most expensive because it would receive the most traffic. So the price for the first floor is:

    Small (10*10) = 2000r
    Medium (20*20) = 3000r
    Large (40*40) = 6000r

    Now the prices go down 5% for each level they go up. so effectively

    2nd Floor Prices:

    Small = 1900r
    Medium = 2850r
    Large = 5700r

    We were also thinking about some outside booths that we will discuss price over later.

    To keep this more of a 'limited' thing, we were thinking about no more than 10 floors, 1 being an auditorium for live 'classes' over some redstone tips, and 1 being a 'Donators Hall' with a 'Voting Hall' for a prize that we have worked a system for players to vote on their favorite creation. This gives the potential for 8 rentable floors or 72 small booths. Hopefully more large and Medium booths are sold though, as that is the aim.

    We believe these prices to be low enough for someone to really want to show off their creation to be able to reach, and high enough to deter griefers.

    If someone would want a larger booth, say a full 90*90 floor, for whatever reason, a price and arrangement could be easily arranged. Please share your thoughts on these ideas.

    There is still some major planning that needs to be done for this to promise success.
  13. So everyone knows, ismooch is officially working with me on this now. This will take place on Utopia and the forums when it starts. We still need some other positions filled like recorder so people who can't make it in game can still see what is going on.
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  14. what would be the height of each floor and i may be able to help with a design of building
  15. The height will be around 10 blocks. (This leaves enough room for 10 floors and some extra room if we choose to build this on top of the dirt and not dig in.) We may go bigger or smaller as a final design is chosen. Designing will be hard since the building's interiors will change as people buy booths.
  16. ok i will mostly try with the exterior however i thought that the map height was 256 blocks so 10 would allow 24 floors without a decorative top
  17. Just realized we have a design team but I can see if you can join them. I was basing the height off of the building starting at the half way point and not at the very bottom. The dirt goes up half way right?
  18. starts at level 65 i thought so then would be 19 levels
  19. The idea for 10 levels is to keep it semi exclusive, to create the want to get a booth before they run out. We want as many people as possible to participate, but you want to limit it some as you are giving res and I then 'm 10 floors give a chance to enough without it being to many.
  20. ah ok then who is part of the design team