Redstone Contest

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  1. Hello everyone. I will be hosting a Redstone Contest next Saturday sponsered by
    To enter please come to 6001 at smp3 and buy the contestant fee.
    If you would like to buy a ticket to see the show please come to 6001 at smp3 and buy the ticket. Tickets will be sold at the event but pre-ordering will give you access to the VIP line.

    Rupees. Price will vary depending on tickets bought and contestant fee bought

    Time: 10PM PST
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  2. I'm only good at making things mthat do not require redstone :p like my wack a zombie machine :p but i can not wait to see whom applies and whom wins as I enjoy seeing all the minds at work. redstone amazes me and I know basic's and am excited to learn more.. :D great idea!

    Best of Luck to all <3
  3. Why do you have 2 of the same Thread?
  4. Hey Dont I have one going on right now..