Red Robin

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  1. red robin...
  2. Now, you've gone and done it :p
    Time to eat at the red robin near me >.> (srsly i'm hungry)
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  3. I love Red Robin. Too bad the closest one to me is 100 miles away :(
  4. If you didn't know, you were supposed to say "yum"
  5. Yum.
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  7. YUMMEH!
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  9. youre using that wrong.....
  10. Well when I'm on a phone I'm not going to spend a half hour looking for the Not Bad meme. I picked the one that was right there in front of me.. I'm terribly sorry that it was used wrong and I understand I could go to jail for it. Good day.
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  11. The Mysterious...
    BLUE Robin...
  12. Wewt \o3o/. Sadly no, they're talking about an over-priced gourmet burger restaurant.
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  13. Lol we were about to go eat there for lunch today =)
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