Recruiting people to help me kill 3 Mini Bosses

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Will you be a recruit?

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Yes 9 vote(s) 75.0%
No 1 vote(s) 8.3%
Maybe so 2 vote(s) 16.7%
  1. I want to kill the following mini bosses


    I am looking for people on smp8, who are willing to help me kill these bosses. We will spend a few days in the waste, and to the corner of the ENTIRE WORLD, so we should see a 2 borders heading east and south, so we will depart at Waste NE when I get my recruits. If you are willing to be Recruited, and you are a bit OP, you can tell me in the comments and I will have a list up. Recruits will be paid 1K per 1 day in real life, if you have to go, i will pay you. Either way you get 1K, but if you kill a mini boss, get 5K, and I am not made of rupees ya know:rolleyes:

    - Experience levels boost
    - Materials and exploration
    - Bonding time
    - Dangers
    - Practice
    - Learning

    1. Jstclair41
    2. Dr_Chocolate14 JasonJR987
    3. MCPopster
    4. springaling
    5. Chewsy4 crazy_X_gamer

    Back-Up Recruits
    1. crazy_X_gamer
    2. JasonJR987
    3. Luna5NL
    5. EpicPumpkinPie

    Staff Recruits???:

    Official date when we go out to the waste:
    August 24th 12pm EMC Time
  2. i will i just need to get the gear and I'm from smp8 :D
  3. I will join. I had a god set of armor and god weapons.
  4. i can help with wither i have a kill chamber in nether (more like a containment area)
  5. so you can be a recruit?
  6. Me,MCPopster,and springaling would like to do it :D
  7. I can be a recruit. Also, what is a staff recruit? I could help by being a Staff recruit if you like x3
  8. Only a staff member can be in the Staff recruit section.
  9. oh ok
  10. i could join. i dont really have god armor/weapons but i can make a full set of diamond armor and a sword
  11. The recruit section has been closed, so all we need now is staff.
  12. I gues i will i can help
  13. When is this? I would be happy to help :D

    Are you going to get all the drops? Or are we splitting them?
  14. Check the bottom of the OP and yes we are splitting them.
  15. Won't be able to make it sorry.
  16. When are we heading out as in time?
  17. Right I forgot that
  18. BTW, you can just spawn the wither right outside the protected area, and kill it within the protected area. =P
  19. Won't be able to make it. Sorry.