Recruiting Members Of Concordia!

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  1. Concordia is a new Wilderness outpost founded by our Glorious Emperor Mayor 72Volt. It is based on diplomacy, democracy, and awesomeness.

    We have an infinite number of positions available, so feel free to apply!

    There are 5 main guilds you can apply to become part of:
    1. An Army Guild, to hunt mobs for rare items, tokens and XP.
    2. A Miners' Guild, to mine diamonds, ores and stone.
    3. An Engineers' Guild, to build public amenities, such as farms, roads and lighting.
    4. A Couriers' Guild, to transport goods and come up with innovative systems for transporting them.
    5. A Diplomats' Guild, to promote cooperation and peace with other outposts.
    You can also become part of the administration, and there are multiple senior positions open.
    To apply:
    1. Go to Concordia and set up a house.
    2. ?????????
    3. PROFIT
    A citizen is anyone who has a house in Concordia's territory.

    In the SMP5 Wild.
    Go to the North Outpost, then North East

    Coordinates: X: 3690 Z: -13870

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  2. Oh, and some of the position are paid, I believe.
  3. Bump!

    The form is not mandatory, but if you do fill it out, Trapper will be able to work with you better (once he comes back from holiday).
  4. Not gone yet!
  5. Bump... the numbers guy is now in charge of Concordia!
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  6. I will join:) can I have more info via pm?
  7. Directions are in the OP of the official thread. :)
  8. The original concordia thread?
  9. Click on my signature to go there.
  10. so, Concordia is now owned by the numbers guy, that guy...
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  11. alright i got it