Reciever Help!!!!!

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  1. So my family's reciever is broken because of the fuse. The fuse is fine but the little casing with the fuse wont stay in. It keeps popping out and will not catch on anything to stay in. What is the problem? I came to you guys because I know some of you will know the answer. :) thanks and please help me!
  2. If it's broken, get an electrician, or someone who knows what they're doing, to fix it.
  3. yeah the problem is our tech guys, my dad does not want to pay a fortune to get it fixed. So i have been trying to fix it
  4. ask him to see if he can google/use the internet to help him fix it ;)
  5. The thing keeps popping out of their receiver therefore i don't think they have access to internet right now?
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  6. Phones?
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  7. oh...........:oops:
  8. I have internet access :p its my TV reciever guys sorry
  9. I have tried google and found nothing for some odd reason :/
  10. Im possibru
  11. if you dont believe me look it up ;)
  12. I am extremely good with these kinds of things. may you post some photo's?
  13. I can post some tomorrow :) It is a bit late here so I will do it in the morning
  14. I suggest duct tape.
  15. Find the exact name of the TV, and type it into google like the following: "[Insert TV Name] Fuse Problem" or something among those lines
  16. I'd suggest to beg for money on the streets and pretend your homeless and beg enough money to buy a new reciver
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  17. Tried duck tape already, doesnt work :(
  18. Didn't use enough...

    EDIT: Duct* not duck potato :p
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  20. I suggest stop trying the tape
    It might not be the right thing to do...
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