Recent update reduced hopper cart effectiveness

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  1. It looks like one of the very recent post 1.8 updates has reduced hopper cart effectiveness dramatically.

    At multiple guardian farms we use hopper carts, with a layer of glass over top to collect drops. This is the least laggy way to kill mobs quickly and collect drops. Now the items just hang there as carts go by and only pick up a few items now and then. I've sat here watching a hopper cart go back and fort under an item and not pick it up. I've verified that the cart was indeed empty.
  2. This is why most 1.8 farms I've actually seen built with hopper Minecarts has 2 or 3 running into a loop.
  3. We're using 1 per row at each farm, it's a ton of minecarts to make sure there are no issues with picking up the drops. Still no reason it should go back and forth under an item 20 times without picking it up.
  4. Oh I thought you meant because of EMC's unique stacking item method the minecarts have to roll under the items multiple times before the item is picked up.
  5. Perhaps the "item" that you were seeing could've been a large stack, so the hopper would not be able to pick it all up in the time that it rolls on by?
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  6. Once I found that hoppers were so bad I was planning on just using carts, but with this change I doubt It will be worth it... Only costs ~50k in iron blocks to make a 60x60 floor of hoppers so.... :p

    I might suggest that all farms using hoppers to reduce them,, that way Aikar will want to go to old timer?
  7. with our recent change, its actually better to just use a floor now. I can't make it better for minecarts or it makes it worse for the other 95% of the hoppers
  8. So you are recommending hoppers?
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  9. I'm guessing you reduced the frequency of the hopper "searching" for items? Which means hopper mine carts have a small chance of "ticking" right as they go under the item? So slower minecarts will work slightly better, and if it's not a lot of items it will grab them eventually...
  10. What'cha mean it makes it worse for the other hoppers o: ?
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  11. Because if you speed up the hopper activation rate, it creates more tps lag. He slowed the rate down to make hoppers less laggy, and an unfortunate side effect is that hopper minecarts don't work properly. :)
  12. Ohhh :c Well shucks. That's no bueno..
  13. Suggestion to not have a layer on top of the carts, and to light the floor with Jack O' Lanterns.
  14. The area is fully lit and no mobs will spawn on the tracks. You need the glass, or guardians will bump the carts and cause them to switch tracks every now and then. No big deal, we will convert to a hopper floor as recommended:)
  15. Yeah, umm, that's VERY expensive. We tried, we got like 20 rows done before we went broke. So now we have a bunch of useless hoppers.
  16. From destroying the temple alone you should get 70+k of materials. That should cover a fair amount of hoppers.

    If you want to stick with hopper carts, the slower they are, the better. I think you might be able to put soul sand under the track to help reduce speed. I have not tested yet. Afk wheat farms have to use mine carts so I'll give it a shot on the next one I build.
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  17. So basically hoppers are not picking up as quick as they should, so with hopper carts you would need a way to slow them down in order to pick up dropped items, 3600 additional hoppers to swop from rail to all floor hoppers at say 28r per hopper = 100'800r this is bases on a 60 x 60 block area.

    I wonder what the problem was to have brought this change about, I did not experience any lag with the cart system.
  18. The problem was hopper floors. Many made their farms with the hopper floor causing a major TPS drop. The cart system was fin if everyone had used it.
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  19. So now we have to all change over to hoppers from rail because of this?
  20. Not necessarily. I have yet to have a problem with my farm. It takes longer for the carts to pick up items but it doesn't take so long that the items despawn and it ends up evening out. I'm sticking with my minecart hopper floor. After testing for over 8 hours I have seen no drop in the amount of loot I have collected since before the hopper update. It just looks annoying. Before the hoppers would go up and back a row on most rows several times before there was anything over them anyways. I might have a despawn or too but so far nothing noticeable. Someone also mentioned in the update thread that their entcount was maxing. I have yet to have it even reach over half(125) or 110 for that matter.again this is after over eight hours of testing.
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