Recent Spike in Misconduct

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Have you seen any recent spike in misconduct?

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Yes, there is a rising trend in misconduct. 18 vote(s) 72.0%
No, I haven't noticed any rise in delinquency. 7 vote(s) 28.0%
  1. I've noticed that in smp5, there have been numerous occasions of players spamming swear words, insults, and other vulgar/offensive language.
    I would like to see if anyone else was having this problem.

    This pole isn't meant to confirm a trend in rule breaking, it is meant to see who is having this problem and who is not. Thanks!
  2. Is this specific to smp5, or the whole empire?
  3. It seems that all of my reports are no good lately
  4. Exactly.
  5. The lack of discipline could be my fault, SMP5 is my home server but I rarely hang out there, or any other server for that matter. This is due to some events in my life. But if you guys think it's that bad, I can try to be on SMP5 a lot more.
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  6. Any comments further explaining you situatuation are greatly appreciated.
  7. Ive seen alot of misconduct too. Alot of griefing in the town, and alot of people using flying mods. A few days ago i went on smp7 and found a ton of chickens at the spawn and people calling each other "Noobs". Also whenever i go on adventures with other people in the wilderness i get pushed into a giant hole or lava pool.
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  8. Whatever puts an end to this recent trouble. Any help is appreciated friend!
  9. I think it shows an increase of new people joining the empire
  10. For some reason, this likes to pop up once a week. Everything is fine. There isn't some mass increase in issues. Use /report and /ignore and life is good.
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  11. that's kind of rude to be honest. If Green_Mystery has Real life problems, that is honestly the only "comments" he needs. While we help here while we can, this is not a paying job for us, we have other things to do. If there is a "spike" in the shortcomings of others, then report it, eventually they WILL be dealt with, there is never a guarantee that it will speedy. But if it warrants it, due punishment will always be issued out.
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  12. I don't think new members are the problem. It may be a lack ofdescipline like Green_Mystery said. Many reports aren't being dealt with.
  13. I can see how fast reports are seen and taken care of. Most are done within an hour or so. The fact that we do anything faster than the business average (within 48 hours) of any major business today, says a lot for having volunteer moderators. You won't always (or ever) get personal reports that your report was seen or what happened from it, but they are handled quickly.
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  14. According to the pole so far, there has been a rise in delinquincy.
  15. But I digress, If you haven't seen a rising trend, then please contribute to the pole. After all, I only wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing this problem.
  16. 1st: *Looks up deliquency*

    2nd: Green is green, he tries hard.. And the only reason you think there is more crap going on is because you focus on it more.. The more you focus on it the more you notice..

    3rd: I have always seen action fullfilled when I report someone mainly its spamming and hacking, griefing is the player's fault if he gave them perms..
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  17. If anyone else doesn't notice a trend in misconduct, then please don't be afraid to explain.
    Same thing for those who see a rising crime rate.
  18. Yea I can agree with sleepyPK because everytime I'm on smp5 to do a log order and always get shut f up Dwight I don't get a f about you. You fing noob -_- sign but I do what ICC said just /ignore them and there is a lot of is going around to. come to ### for well-stocked shop after that next "someone" will say " don't go there is shop fing stinks come to my shop at####" -_- sign again owell I just pm people who I want to talk now.
    I don't blamed mods for not being there it's summer and people have Jobs or are out in about
  19. I must admit that the community changed, I am here for enough time to say that times have changed, the names I used to see online now are not the same, people is no longer looking for the same shops I did when I joined, people it's being rude and offensive a bunch of time and it seems like it's something that won't be fixed by moderators (because they can't, It's just like asking the police to make people more polite, they just can't it's something that's based on each one's education) or anyone else.
    I do not agree with the fact that reports are not being dealt with, recently I reported someone for spamming and he got banned in less than 1 minute after my report, It obviously won't be like that every time you report someone, but a great way to help would be asking for other members to do such (Just tell them to /report <playername><reason> if they agree that the player is not following the rules). On the other hand, I recently made a report of a player that was spamming and being rude with everyone that asked him to stop, I reported and asked people to do such, all i got was "poopface" from him and other players.
    It's horrible to see this situations going on, but we can't just expect that EMC becomes whitelisted and that only people that have prooved to be respectful (at least enough) and educated may join, maybe you can help to fix this in your server by kindly asking people to respect and be educated when reffering to other members.

    Still, in the worst case: /report <playername> <reason>
    In a normal case: Hey <insert playername here> Please be more respectful, this is a family-friendly server, thanks!
    In an extreme case: /ch off - /ignore
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  20. Btw: the fact that there is a spike in misconduct has nothing to do with the fact that moderators are not online or anything related to them, it's someting that can only be dealt with each one's mother.
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