Rebuilding the SMP2 North Road

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  1. Road Rebuilding Philanthropic Project!
    (or whatever my sign says at the start of the road)

    Essentially I'm doing what the title suggests. A while back, before I joined, some nice philanthropic players built a road heading directly north for the benefit of all players. First off, thanks to any of that team who are reading this!

    To give myself something to do, I'm rebuilding said road.
    I'm also being a charity case and asking for donations from anyone who cares to see my work progress (If I turn out to be a popular dude I'll do the East road too!)
    As a more.. periphery target of mine, I'd like to perhaps kindle a bit of community spirit with those on SMP2 (of course, this is not an exclusivity!), so if anyone decides they'd like to help me on my endeavour, it's not exactly hard to find me: I'm on the north road.

    If you head north, do try your hardest not to rob my torches, or break my road, and do try to patch up any damage that it may incur!

    Sadly, I will be deleting this thread in a few days, it's just an announcement more than a advertisement.
    Thank you for your time,

    Thank you Apcmagician and another bloke who generously donated towards it's rejuvenation! I hope you enjoy a slightly less traumatic experience when running along those roads in the night!
  2. I may be able to help, might be difficult juggling that and two other projects though
  3. As you say, any help is appreciated. I've rebuilt most of that road leading to the first underground tunnel thanks to the added donations and company from Cordial_Pie, and I've blocked up most of the breaches in the ceiling of the tunnel. However, I aim to restore it to it's former glory and make it far more visually appealing. Then there's the matter of the next 3000m or so of tunnel and road xD

    In short, if you want to help at all, I'll find you online sometime or PM you, or you could simply continue my project. Either way, thank you for your support, 72Volt