Really? This Lag?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by deathconn, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. I'm going to apologize before I rant on about this topic.

    I was in the wild hunting enraged mobs. I see an enraged creeper and pull him in a pool of water and keep my distance between hits. But every 5 seconds everything stops moving and no damage is done. This personally drives me crazy. The enraged creeper exploding made me go nuts. One of the reasons why I liked this server was because it had no lag whatsoever, but now it's been lagging constantly. Please, we have to find out the cause of the lag before myself, and everyone else go completely insane.
  2. It could possibly be your own router, mine has problems all the time.
  3. Part of the problem may be your internet. I would make sure your connection isn't spotty.
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  4. It's not my internet. Mrwhosmagic is having the same problem. We lag at the same time
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  5. I too am having this problem.. Unfortunately, I hear its a Spigot Issue and something beyond the control of EMC :c
  6. I'm having the same problem - so is everyone else on SMP7. This isn't normal for EMC; I think Aikar is working on it though.
  7. It does seem like recently EMC has been having a lot more issues with lag and crashes than ever before. Can be pretty frustrating at times, especially on smp7.
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  8. I'm sure they're trying to fix it.
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  9. I know where that gif is from :p
  10. Oh. I don't. Saw it in a comment once, bookmarked it.
  11. anytime you see this please alert sr staff immediately if you see one on then we can try to debug whats causing it.

    ive done lots of work to try to diagnose it, and i think im close to finding it, just need to see the lag happen while one of us can run the debugger.

    (Currently only SMP1,7,utopia has the update though)
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  12. Didn't you mention earlier that the lag had to do with the chat?
  13. Maybe you should give access to the debugger to deathconn, he always seems to be on to catch the brunt of it. :)
  14. I barely know how to work a toaster, let alone the debugger :p
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  15. Smp3 was getting this, as I went through a nether tunnel it would momentarily freeze.