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  1. To everyone who has been/will be in the PvP arenas,

    PvP arenas exist for one purpose: fun. How players have their fun is up to them. Some find their fun in 1v1s against their friends. Some find it in large free-for-all battles. Some (perhaps most importantly) find their fun in their own mini-games they made up.

    And who's responsibility is it to determine whether or not they can have fun? No one but themselves. But some people feel the need to take it upon themselves to ruin the enjoyment of the PvP arenas for other players.

    Respect Players' Games
    It's common that friends (or even random players) will try out a fun game that they made up or adapted to the Empire's PvP arenas. These games can lead to tremendous enjoyment and community interaction, but I have yet to play a game (that involves no armor) and not have one murderer who doesn't give a damn about what people are trying to do.

    For example, today some people were trying to have a bows-only no-armor fight and there were two people in full diamond killing them. The players repeatedly asked them to stop and explained the rules, and one of the killers responded with "no you aren't." Didn't even care about what the others were doing and continued to kill the unarmed people. A perfectly good option was to go 1v1 the other player in armor in a separate arena.

    So those players' game was ended short by some people who don't care that they ruined someone's game...

    Don't Abuse the Fair Arenas
    A few weeks ago I was playing a game in the Fair PvP Slime Block arena where the goal was to kill a lone sniper and take their position. Due to a long-running and unfixed bug, armor still functions as normal and makes you virtually invincible. The game involved playing with no armor.

    So obviously there'd be the player with full armor who comes into the arena with no intention to actually play the game and starts killing everyone... game ruined. They probably could've been having more fun by just playing the game but instead took it upon themselves to make the game unplayable. And the bad thing is they didn't give a damn what players thought.

    Golden Apples
    Arguably unimportant, yes, but still worth mentioning as a footnote. God apples (Gapples) give a player invincibility for 30 seconds, and resistance for 5 minutes. It's no fun trying to fight somebody with gapples. Try having a fair fight - and that doesn't mean go to the fair arenas. It means try it from the other perspective - go against someone using gapples when you have nothing. It might give you a new perspective on using gapples.

    Please consider what you're doing and the effect it has on people in the PvP arenas. It's important to make sure you're having fun, but it's more important to make sure you're not ruining games for others. If players don't like what you're doing, you should probably stop.

    Opinions and comments are always welcome. Thanks for reading,

  2. Thanks for writing.
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  3. Thank you for doing this. I hate people trying to be jerks in PvP. However. Although God Apples might seem unfair, they ARE part of the game. They are not a product of a glitch, and so are its effects. So yes, God Apples are annoying, but they are part of the game, so we should not hate on them.

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  4. We recently had a long thread on a debate over this. I don't want this to turn into that again. He was simply stating to look at the issue objectively instead of subjectively. :)
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  5. Basically what chocolate said. Look at it from the other person's perspective, and try to take their shoes... I consider gapples similar to fighting a player in diamond armor when in leather... it's not fair unless they suck. ;)
  6. Thanks for writing this, I used to have fun at the arenas but stopped going due to all the disrespectful players that ruined the fun for everyone else.
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  7. I understand, and I hate it as much as the next person. I'm just saying that people shouldn't hate on people who use them, that's all. And also, killing a player in diamond armour while in leather is actually quite easy if you have a bow...
  8. Amen.
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  9. The main reason why I don't bother with PvP. Always someone to ruin the fun.
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  10. But if the diamond armor person has a bow...

    You could kill anyone with any armor and gapples, but either you'd have to be really good or outplay them in every way. :p
  11. tbh i have been a person who has logged in, been at pvp and just jumped in to kill. i have no clue what game yall are playing, then when i do kill everyone someone says something rude and im like, well now im going to kill you more.

    point of the story, if i dont know what you are doing in pvp dont assume im going to go by your rules unless you politely explain.

    thats not to say i wont join in if i figure it out, but sometimes the time between me killing everyone inside and the time it takes to explain is different
  12. Yeah, that makes perfect sense... The difference is some people don't think like that and just keep killing after people politely explain what they're doing.
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  13. Thanks for doing this Penguin. Srry to all the players who got their game ruined because of me. :( and yes I agree that Gapples take away the fun in fair PvP. Politely explain to me in PM chat what the rules are if I start randomly murdering people in a game they are playing.
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  14. I haven't known you as the person to do that, nor have I seen you do it. This was definitely not written with you in mind.
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  15. Thanks Penguin but sometimes I do it and the players get mad at me and I'm like you should have told me that you were 1v1ing or on a game. I wouldn't have attacked.
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