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Would you visit my old-timey tavern for a drink or two sometime?

Sure, why not? 5 vote(s) 71.4%
Nahhhhh. 2 vote(s) 28.6%
I'm allergic to anything old-timey or pumpkiny. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
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  1. Hey, guys, name's CoolCal14. and Imma back after taking a looong hiatus from EMC to look for a server that is simply the best survival/player interaction experience. All my fruitless searching has led me to crashed servers, being swindled by others ingame, and just a bunch of dissapointment. Eventually, I found my way back here, and decided that EMC was just the one for me. I love the community here, even though I was only here a year, I have gotten to know some good friends, neighbors, moderators, and even make some REAL achievements! :D Before I left, I had a residence in 8238 that had a tavern, a high dive, mini-aquarium, stables, a garden, and a wierd hole that I really didn't know what it was for. I even had a sig designed for me advertising my tavern, the Pumpkininn. In case you were wondering what it was, it looked a little something like this...

    Aaaaand this is me:

    It never did get much business, but it was my first real project. It didn't look the best, kind of had a problem with structural integrity, but it was awesome nonetheless. Unfortunately, during my little vacation, it was left alone for 30 days, and poof! Some new player claimed the res and it was gone. They didn't even start building yet....
    Anyway, I took this as a welcome experiment to start over and make a REAL project. Nothing that fancy, like a giant skyscraper or homage to a TV show, but something unique. I had this vision to build a tavern right on the side of the road, making it into a renowned attraction. I plan to build a tavern on my res, and all around it steampunk-y type of stuff, like villager vendors and a fruit stand, and whatever else comes to mind. After all my tavern was supposed to look like this;

    so that's what I'll be building. It took a looooong time to understand WorldEdit and schematics n stuff, but I finally figured it out, and maybe in a month or two, I'll have piled all my resources (not that many) into this nice, cozy pub where people can hang out and take a look at. I'll need some professional help, of course, I want to make it look realistic and like it's just part of the road. It'll be a real business too; open daily at 5pm EST, ready to serve some drinks, pumpkin pie, and whatever else you might need at a shoppe in the back. I'll have gardens, farms, and other resources in the lower levels. The top will be built first, though.
    So, now that you know my plans, also know that soon a brand new hangout is officially now under construction at 8025!
    Wish me luck!
  2. Wow, nice. You got 2 more days than me haha
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  4. Oh, welcome back! :D I'm asleep at 5 PM EST though ;)
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  5. XD Advertising is fun. I'll try out that quiz :)
  6. Got the same as u xD
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  7. ... and then the thread got flooded by the creeper apocalypse.
  8. Welcome back! Pending how 'long' 'long' is, you may find that a bit has changed!
    Try out the /ps (player settings), and /assist new (you may know the info in it, but heck you get a cool compass)
    And if you run into any issues or have questions, be sure to ask!
    See ya in the mines sometime!
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  9. Well thnx! Never knew I could do stuff like THIS before... :D
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  10. I remember you. :) Welcome back! :D
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  11. Hey welcome back! more older EMC players are coming back!
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  12. Okay then, I'll do it too..
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  13. bump. Still here! and still going!
  14. New idea! Considering I'd picked a spot where all other residences will probably dwarf me, I'mma build another house. Maybe even a tower too....
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  15. Very cool! I think the red around the windows may be a little too distracting though.
  16. If you add snow to the roof, and a chimney, could be a nice holiday house!
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  17. Welcome back CoolCal\.