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  1. Ok, once EMC updates to 1.3, can anyone give me a link to these mods and how to download them on PC? I need a step by step process.
    Rei's Minimap
    Recipe Book

    Texture Packs:

    Thanks for the help guys. Hopefully Twitch can help me out as he has in the past. :p
  2. The download process: Click downloads, make a place where you can save, than click save, and your done downloading
  3. Just google the mods/texture packs you want. And ONLY download thoose from
  4. I like pie.
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  5. Me too
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  7. if you want i can show you
  8. I'm waiting till EMC gets too 1.3 as well...
    and do you know how to save your worlds and stats and stuff like that? (Maybe even waypoints from Rei's Minimap idk if you can though thanks!)
  9. I made a thread about how to save your way points
  10. Link me it bro ;)
  11. <,<... Why do people insist on using TMI? I use this mod called "Creative Mode" and it does pretty much the same thing.. I don't really care much for technical blocks and if I need to use them for whatever reason, I use the console commands..
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  12. You'll ned ModLoader for most of these mods too, so that means more waiting :p
    Last time ModLoader took about 5 days to update. :/
  13. rawr!
  14. Please just wait. Once all MODs are appropriately updated to 1.3.1 I will be cleaning out the Acceptable EMC MODs thread and updating everything accordingly. :)
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  15. I was against Convenient Inventory for the longest time, myself.. I hated that when I tried to right click a bunch of one color of wool it moved ALL the colors... But the fact that I could throw 9000 stacks of dirt at once into lava sold me. ..That's really all I use it for, haha. I don't use TMI though. Twitch gave me a small explanation of what it does, but I'm still not 100% sure. :p I mainly just wanted to rant about all the mods Aikar forces upon me. D=
  16. random post is random.

    but im surprised you knew the mod name correctly!
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  17. Does rei's work OK on 1.3?
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  18. trust me NEI and TMI has al the blocks in it and you have all you inventory to put blocks in on creative you on;ly have one easy to access inventory row Dx
  19. I am not running any mods in 1.3.1 until Risugami either updates ModLoader or abandons it and Forge Mod Loader takes over.