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  1. Hello there my fellow EMC'ers :)
    I thought that we might have been missing a thread for all the remote controlled goodies out there.
    So I will start with this;
    My Lego Dirt Crushers RC car.
    I have had it for a few years now,I enjoy completely taking it apart and rebuilding it lol
  2. I don't own this but to keep this thread alive, here's this.

  3. I don't have one either, but have seen one though.
    Electrical powered, and as fast as anything, although they are incredibly fragile, one bad bump can break them.
  4. I dont have one, but when I saw this title I thought it stood for RainbowChin Thread.... :p
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  5. I'm surprised I haven't done that by now lol
    But that would be quite big headed of me lol
  6. You wrote "Hell" instead of "Hello" :p
    Anyways, I can never control those things ._.
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  7. Well i guess I can show off my baby :p

    Not a fast car but can go anywhere!

    Loads of custom made parts buy me :cool:
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  8. Not exactly RC, but I have a rocket like this. Very fun - until it lands on the roof of a girl that you went to elementary school with. Veeeery awkward.

  9. I thought the same thing when I realised it was by RainbowChin.
  10. Ah.
    So I did lol