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Have you been to Indiana?

Yes 6 vote(s) 46.2%
No 7 vote(s) 53.8%
  1. Hello Everyone,

    The reason why i joined the server is because of Non-PVP, when I found out that you can build your own shop, as soon as I got the chance, I hopped right on it. I'm the owner of The Wooden Fortress at residence 10225 on the smp5 server.

    I'm from the Great Lakes region in North West Indiana. There are a lot of trains that run through here, but I live in Hebron, IN. There aren't any train tracks through Hebron, but there used to be. I also know a lot about the Weather and Technology. Recently my Internet Explorer was acting up, when I try to download a file, it would save it in a format that my computer didn't understand. So I performed a System Restore and a reinstallation of all my scripts, including Java Script. That day was quite a day.

    Come to my Wooden Fortress at address 10225. Hope to see you there! I'm full of employees, so i'm no longer hiring. 3 is the best I can handle right now.
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  2. welcome to EMC :)
  3. Welcome rburke5786 to the Empire. Seems you made yourself comfi already. I'll check out your fortress soon. If you have questions or need anything you can ask me anytime, anybody else or the wiki :)
    I have been to Indiana before, even though I am from the other side of the ocean. We had a lot of fun at Patoka lake ;)
  4. I live in Demotte, IN
  5. First things first - never use Internet Explorer.
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  6. Google chrome or Firefox but not the dreaded Internet explorer!

    Welcome to EMC where we all welcome all players alike. You will fit right in :)

    Already advertising for his res to! Main priority xd
  7. I'm not sure why this has re-surfaced from March 2014 to be honest... :p I thought this this thread looked familiar :rolleyes:
  8. Well... That was interesting to say the least >.>
  9. Hi rburke. Welcome to the Empire. I'm sure you will enjoy your stay. :)
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  10. Hello, welcome to the Empire! If you have any questions or need any assistance don't be afraid to ask myself or anyone in the community! :)
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  11. It was I who did the re-surfacing
  12. Well, have you been enjoying it here? :)
  13. isn't that... NECRO POSTING?? :eek:
  14. But why? :p
  15. But why not?
  16. Because it's considered rude and is the opposite of productive.
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  17. Never been to Lake Michigan myself, but as I live in Michigan I visit Lake Huron every summer :)

  18. :p
  19. Haha, I didn't notice this.
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