Rares, Heads, and Cash- A trade service with Hash

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  1. So, I saw this idea recently, but luckily my idea is a bit different in both setup and in what I am trading. I am trading both heads and EMC items of any kind; I will set up my offers in two different categories, head and rares. I may be willing to trade the item for both another item and a bit of rupees at times, though it will almost never be just sold for rupees. :) Here is how it will be set up:

    What I want --> What I will trade for it

    So if I have 1,000 DC's of Melons (slices) --> One dirt block, that means that I will give you one dirt block in exchange for you giving me 1k double chests of melon slices. Got it? Ok! :) Note that I do not have to trade Rares for Rares or Heads for Heads; I could trade, for example, 20 DC's of sugarcane for a Vault Voucher, or I could trade 6 DC's of melons for a Chickeneer head (these are just examples!). Got it? Great! And maybe I would even trade a head for a rare. Who knows?

    If you would like to make a trade, just post on the forum. We will then either meet ingame on my res (8961 on SMP4) or else you will drop your item into the donation room in my res and I will leave my item in an access chest for you in the Auction Pickup room of my res. Both rooms have teleports from the spawn at my residence. If you don't quite like a trade or have a question about anything, private message me and we will see what I can do to help you. Now, let's begin!

    Heads! Trade heads here! All heads will be eventually put in a smaller head exhibit in my museum!

    No current trades available, please check back later!

    Rares! Trade any EMC items here, from zombie viruses to truly rare promotional items! They will all end up in the EMC Museum, so they will not go into a private collection!

    Any Voucher (Stable, Vault, Treasure, ICC) --> RARE Netherhound Spawn Egg
    Any 60k Item other than a Flaming Mob Launcher of any durability (Can be one hit left!) --> 1000r + A signed book (one short story) NOTE: I will be increasing this trade greatly, so stay tuned to get more rupees!

    Thanks! I hope that we get some interesting trades! Many more trades will be made available within the next week or two!
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  2. I added another trade option for ISMOOCH. I'd also like to remind anyone that (correct me if I'm wrong) ISMOOCH said that he only had 5-7 heads out there before the head drop; now there are at least 4 more out there, but even if there are 7 more or so, then that is only 12-14 heads in all of EMC. Just a reminder. With the minimum of 4, that is only 9-11 heads. Again, correct me if I am wrong. :)
  3. Hmm.... No trades? :( I really need this, guys! Anyway, if there is a promo or a staff head that you want, you may suggest a trade or give me an offer. I will then assess it and give you my verdict. :) Thanks!
  4. Would u happen to have a vault or treasure voucher that you could trade?
  5. If you happen to want haunted heads or turkey slicers,I might sell you those when their value increases a bit.
  6. Sorry, I am actually looking to get some eventually.
    Again, sorry, but as I am making a museum, I only need one of each, and I already own a Haunted Head and a Turkey Slicer. :(
  7. 2 turkey slicers for a ICC
  8. I love to see my Idea is being used! :D Two more :) I assume you got the idea from my post? xD

    Anyway It's a really good layout I might even use it.

    Infact, want me to donate my head? You can just have it :) Just Pm me I Guess :)
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  10. Anything else you would want for an ICC? I have a firework promo, stable vouchers, etc
  11. How much r could I pay for the IcC head?
  12. Sorry, but I may have a deal on that. Once I find out more I will let you guys know! :)
  13. We are now out of ISMOOCH heads! Thanks to all who traded for them, even if they were a bit off the original trades at times! :D
  14. I have a flaming mob launcher that has been used once. It is one of the more sought after 60k items, however since it's used; my offer is the flaming mob launcher in exchange for that Incitatus + 5,000 rupees?
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  15. My question for you; when it is sitting in an item frame, will the flaming mob launcher appear to be unused or used? Like does the durability bar show?
  16. Nope, shows like a normal one :)
  17. In that case, I will accept. So, that would be one Slightly-Used Flaming Mob Launcher in exchange for one Used Incitatus and 5000r. However, I will need a couple of days, because I am embarrassed to say that I don't have 5,000 rupees at the moment. Is that ok, or not?
  18. Get online, I'll discuss with you.
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  19. Ok, no heads currently available! But I did add a trade. If you have a horribly used 60k Item, you can trade it for 1000r and a signed book containing one short story! I don't care if it has one hit left, I want it! This is quite a steal, as most used 60k items immediately lose a ton of value. Please, no Flaming Mob Launchers, however! I'd also like to mention that ICC Vouchers are quite common, so an ICC Voucher in exchange for a Netherhound Egg is a good trade, as Netherhounds are no longer eggable. Even a stable voucher would make for an ok trade! I would only suggest trading vault/treasure vouchers if you are feeling very generous. :)
  20. Just gonna let you know, even with one hit left 60k items are still worth a good 5-6k since you can put them in item frames and such. The nether hounds aren't really rare either; there are people with over 2 stacks of them. Sorry if you don't like this comment but I felt you should probably know. I'll remove it if you want.
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