[Rare Items Trade Service]

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  1. If anyone has Valentine roses or fireworks! Love to trade or buy :)
  2. Sure, just setup access for me on yor res with the slicer in it and I'll drop off the things :)
  3. Okay :) 15177 smp7 btw :p
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  4. I'll trade 2 Haunted Heads for a Turkey Slicer.
  5. I also have all of the EMC fireworks. (Iday, 2013, and 2012)

    What would your offer be for each of those?
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  6. A sc of gunpowder for the 2 combined?
  7. Out of Turkey SLicers :( as soon as I get one i'll pm you :)
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  8. I'm sorry, what? Never do that again why? And what did I exactly do??
  9. Well you pretty much just hijacked his thread. Just make your own thread if you want to do something.
    Not really interested in any gunpowder, also I'm asking for individual offers.
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  10. What are you interested in atm? Give me some things you want for each one :p
  11. will trade my 2013 empire firework for a valentines rose
  12. If I ever get one I will do that :)
  13. If you wish to sell an item or provide a service to the community, please do so by starting a thread of your own detailing what you are offering. Thank you :)
  14. Thank you. I feel that reply is a lot more appropriate than "NEVER do this again" lol. If this happens again I will start a thread.
  15. I'd probably want rupees for them rather than anything else atm.

    A head up, valentines roses are normally 30k market price or so atm.. Not many are being bought/sold since they are just really rare now.
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  16. Thanks for the head sup ma!

    I might buy one for 10k if you are okay with that?
  17. I'll sell you a 2013 EMC firework for 13k cash.
  18. Bump :)

    Thanks but no Thanks Haro :)
  19. I'm out of Turkey Slicers, Im buying them for 3k and a SC of Gunpowder!
    Selling Labor Day benches. 2 in stock. Will take a Haunted Head or 8k Or offers